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Universal Car HUD Vehicle OBD-2 Fuel Icon Head Up Display LCD

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  • Model :CE21HUD710
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  • Overview


  • With the head-up display driver can now see speed directly on the windshields, allows a driver to keep their head up (observing the road) and still see important vehicle information such as the car's Speed (mph/km), Rpm, Water temp, Volt on to your windshields Water temp , volt warning function which can be set up by user ( water temp gauge & volt gauge) Auto dim when dark Project Speed (mph/km), Rpm, Water temp, Volt on to your windshields Speed warning function which can be set up by user.


  • Plug and play. Activesafety HUD can auto adapt to vehicle type which in line with OBDII or EUOBD(On-Board Diagnostic System).
  • Comprehensive display. Activesafety HUD can display many parameters at the same time as follows, vehicle speed, engine speed, water tempe- rature (voltage, throttle valve position, ignition advance angle, time of 100 km acceleration),fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, engine failure.
  • Diversiform display mode. Driver can chose normal display mode, high- speed display mode and automatic display mode.
  • Free switch. Km and mile can be switched freely to meet the need of inch auto meter.
  • Suitable size. The display area is 5.5 inches which is very clear for driver to read data.
  • Automatic power on and off. Starting with the vehicle starting, stopping with the vehicle stopping to protect the vehicle’s battery. Moreover, we pre- serve the hand switch function to control the HUD.
  • Flexible alarm mode. Activesafety HUD can offer single-stage and four-stage overspeed alarm modes to choose to make driving safer.
  • Engine speed alarm. It contributes to shift gear in time to save fuel also has significance to new driver.
  • Flexible brightness adjustment. The brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually to reach the best state which is in harmony with the environment.

Function Instructions:

  • Parameter value: show the value with the units of kilometers, miles and engine speed.
  • OBDII port: connect the car and HUD.
  • Fuel icon: flash when the fuel is not enough to drive 100km.
  • Engine failure: flash when vehicle’s engine has problems.
  • Engine speed: show the state of engine speed.
  • Engine speed icon: indicate the parameter value of engine with units of 1000r. It will flash when engine speed is alarming.
  • Speed alarm: flash when speed exceeds the preset values.
  • Rest tips: flash when drive continuously for more than 4 hours with HUD starting.
  • Sound switch: light when voice alarm is opened.
  • Fuel consumption icon: show fuel consumption is calculating.
  • Fuel parameter value: show the consumption of fuel in recent driving.
  • Dial button: multi-function switch, you can dial to left or right, you can enter into setting mode by long press. And also has the ability to decrease or increase fuel.
  • Fuel consumption per hour: show oil mass consumption per hour in driving.
  • Light sensor: sense the external light intensity and adjust the HUD’s brightness to adapt to environment automatically.
  • Fuel consumption per 100km: show the fuel consumption per 100km in driving.
  • Voltage, throttle valve, water temperature, ignition advance angle and acceleration per 100km: voltage shows the vehicle’s voltage; throttle valve shows the size of itself; water temperature shows the temperature of vehicle cooling fluid; ignition advance angle shows the angle of twist in firing, it’s also a mark of engine’s efficiency. Acceleration per 100km shows performance of the vehicle’s acceleration per 100km.
  • Seconds: show the unit of acceleration per 100km.
  • Parameter value: show parameter value of Voltage, throttle valve, water temperature, ignition advance angle and acceleration per 100km.
  • Mileage: light when the fuel only sustains 100km.
  • Reel per minute: show the unit of engine speed if you multiply the parameter value with 10.
  • Kilometer per hour: show the unit of speed.
  • Mile per hour: show the unit of speed

Package included:

  • HUD*1
  • English Manual*1
  • Cable*1
  • Protective film*1
  • Mats*1
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Universal Car HUD Vehicle OBD-2 Fuel Icon Head Up Display LCD

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