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Quality Stainless Steel LED Cold Light Welcome Lamp Pedal for 2011-2013 Ford EDGE

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  • Model :IA99EDG666
  • Weight : 1000 g
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  • Overview

Please checking your car type to make sure it is suitable for your car before your order.

Product Description 

  • This product adopts the high quality stainless steel system to do made of, mold manufacturing, Widening Design of, filling the the boutique quality, showing a that the the excellent texture and the senior built-in mutual embraced, and to protect the the the threshold of parts of the will not be abrasions! Cast models of the LOGO above itself fully supporting the wiring combinations, and the inner surface is equipped with LED lights, the LED is gentle and bright lights make your car more beautiful, more modern high-tech fashion. When you open the
  • door, the pedal that is, light goes off, close the door pedal. To see such a pedal is not to feel at home at night to let your car at night showing the effect of vulgarity!


  • Car Maker: for 2011-2013 Ford EDGE
  • Material Type:Quality stainless steel
  • Special Features:LED light
  • Item Type:Styling Mouldings
  • Item Packing Size: 68*10*8 cm

Methods of use:

  • 1. Find the position of the car with your match, determine the paste position after the ripped film paste. Operation should avoid fingers and rubber surface contact.
  • 2. Paste surface shall keep absolutely clean and dry, just buy a new car if paste part is layer of wax, cleanness can use no fiber loss of cloth dips in with open wax water or 60 degrees hot water to wipe clean, general cleaning can use 50 degrees alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, propanol or toluene solution to wipe. By solvent parts must be completely wipe for volatile can be conducted only paste.
  • 3. When the weather is cold with lighter or blower will double-sided adhesive slightly heating, to keep the soft tissue sticky.
  • 4. Product paste must use force after pressure, to ensure the full contact and wetting glue.
  • 5. Products and parts after two days paste best do not force or open car, avoid contact with dust larger place can achieve the best of sticky relay.

Package included:

  • 4 pcs/set LED Lamp (blue light)


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Quality Stainless Steel LED Cold Light Welcome Lamp Pedal for 2011-2013 Ford EDGE

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