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LILLIPUT UM-70 7inch LCD Monitor with mini USB port

  • 4.5 Stars(5 Reviews) 
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  • Model :CE21LED070-WT
  • Weight : 1400 g
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  • Overview
Product Features:
  • Easy & Fun
  • Drag & Play
  • NOT DC power, just USB Powered
  • NOT VGA input, just USB Input
  • Slimmer, less weight, 288g only!
  • One cable does it all!
  • It is touchable
  • Made by LILLIPUT
  • Innovation USB-only connection---add monitors without adding clutter!
  • A USB Powered Monitor as Multiple Input/Output Device for Video Conference, Instant Messaging, News, Photo Frame and Stock Casting, etc.


  • Screen Resolution:7inch TFT LCD  WVGA(800×480)
  • Contrast:250:1
  • Brightness:350cd/m²
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Input Power: USB(DC 5V)
  • Power Consumption: 2W-4.5W

How to use it?

Installing Monitor Driver (AutoRun);
Click on display setting icon on system tray and see the menu;
Setup menu for Screen Resolution, Colors, Rotation and Extention, etc.
OS:Windows 2000 SP4/XP SP2/Vista 32bit


What can you do with it?

UM-70 has thousands of useful and fun applications: keep your main display clutter free, park your Instant Messaging windows, keep your application palettes on it, use it as a digital picture frame, as a dedicated stock ticker display, put your gaming maps on it.
UM-70 is great for use with a small laptop or netbook because of its light weight and single USB connection, it can travel with your laptop, no power brick needed!


General Productivity

Outlook/Mail, Calendar or Address Book applications up all the time
View Widgets for To-do’s, Weather, Stock Tickers, Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc.
Track System Performance, Monitor Network Traffic, CPU cycles



Have your media player up to control entertainment
Quick access to important toolboxes for online gaming
Use it as a secondary display for computers hooked up to TVs
Run a 2nd or 3rd display without the need for a new graphics card



SKYPE/Google/MSN Chat while using other full screen applications
Watch for Friends on Facebook and MySpace
Keep your Twitter Client up all the time but off your main work screen



Park your Adobe Creative Suite application toolbars or controls
Powerpoint: keep your formatting palettes, colors, etc. on a separate screen


Business (Retail, Healthcare, Finance)

Integrate into point-of-purchase or point-of-registration process
Cost-effective method to have multiple consumers/customers register, enter information, and authenticate
Use one computer for multiple users (with virtualization software – not included)
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  • Reviews & Testimonials

LILLIPUT UM-70 7inch LCD Monitor with mini USB port

5 Reviews:

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Average Rating:

4.5 Stars(5 Reviews)

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  • 4 of 5 Stars
  • by Fedoua Taleb
  • 2013-08-30

Well, it some like a tablet PC but on operating system. Good deal no this price. Verry convenient for using.

  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by JK
  • 2012-05-15

I had no problem in the installation of this mini monitor, and it does exactly what I wanted it to do. I keep an editor open on that screen and use it to save images that I want to refer back to on my main screens. GREAT!!!

  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Tim
  • 2012-05-08

I was very pleased with this 7" monitor. The build quality feels solid, the view angle is much better than expected, no dead pixels. I use it to watch videos while I'm working. Works great for both videos and things like chat or pictures browsing .

If you need another small screen but without taking up too much desk space, this item can be a good choice.

  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Treasa Morgan
  • 2012-04-25

I highly recommend this item for anyone who needs a simple and effective secondary monitor. This 7 inch screen is the perfect size for keeping desired entertainment application programs visibly active while my main monitors are busy with full-screen programs, such as playing games, watching movies, chatting with my friends. Pretty great!

  • 5 of 5 Stars
  • by Shirley Wolf
  • 2012-04-18

I like this 7 inch LCD monitor very much. The viewing angle is much better than expected and the quality seems to be good. I have noticed no blemish and the pixel density is far better than I expected. I use it to send some emergency e-mails before arriving at office. Works great for both videos and things like chat. It is touchable and operated easily.
If you need a little bit of extra screen space without taking up too much vehicle space, this will be a pretty good choice. Also, the price is very reasonable. Hope this helps you!

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