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Car Care Tools 6" Car Polisher car wax polishing machine DC 12V car waxer

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  • Model :IA99WPM326
  • Weight : 2500 g
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  • Overview

Product Description:

    • This machine uses the Italian electrical machinery technology, the outer covering by the high-density ABS environmental protection project material qualitymanufacture, has the noise to be low, the rotational speed is steady, the stable property security, the modelling is exquisite, characteristics and so on ease of operation, should wax the buffing machine to turn on lathe forward the ellipse lattice path, the direct drive sponge transports does, waxes polishes one machine completes, has the province wax, polishing brightness is high, protects the vehicle paint, time-saving reduces effort, highly effective and so on characteristics, is the automobile necessary maintenance tool. If chooses and matches Our company`s power source adapter, besides waxes polishing to the automobile, but may also use in the family the floor, the sofa and so on waxing polishing and so on, one machine multipurpose raised loom`s use efficiency greatly, has user-friendly extremely. 


    • Item Type: Polishing & Grinding Materials Set
    • Brand Name: NOBLE
    • Size: L*W*H 22*17*17 cm
    • Item Weight: 1.6kg
    • Item Diameter: 6 inch
    • Input voltage: DC 12V
    • Electric current: 5A
    • power cord length: 4M
    • Power: 60w
    • No Load Speed: 3300/RPM 
    • Certification: CE / GS / UL / TUV 
    • Easy to operate, without User Manual

Package include:

    • 1x Wax polishing machine
    • 1x Polishing set
    • 1x Wax set
    • Easy to operate, without User Manual

Operating instructions:

    • 1.The clean towel will cover the set on the wax machine cushioning.
    • 2.Right amount cerate even spreading in a wax set of surface, may also spread in the automobile body surface.
    • 3.Before putting through the power source to place the power line on the shoulder to start again the vehicle, half-length waxing, waxes when does not want the heavy pressure to wax machine, waxes polishing under the suitable pressure to be able to achieve well.
    • 4.The hand-hold waxes the buffing machine, may to vertical chassis waxing and polishing from top to bottom, or with waxes machine nearby the cushioning on the part carries on the waxing and polishing. 
    • 5.Covers the set the sheep textile fiber to wax on the buffing machine cushioning, opens the power source to carry on polishing. 
    • 6.The steering handle and so on waxes the spot which the buffing machine is unable to touch to be possible to grasp the wax to cover to it carries on the waxing

Security Tip:

    • 1.Work clothing should be worn panties, don`t wear loose pieces of clothes, don`t wear jewelry, hair need disk into the CAP.
    • 2.Please read carefully before operating the program. 
    • 3.Insert the plug of the time guarantees the switch is closed. 
    • 4.Maintain the electrical stability. 
    • 5.Use the wax polishing machine must be on the cushion as needed into wax mask, not the direct use of upholstered furniture, on the body, floor, walls, leather goods and so need to wax polishes. Otherwise cause damage to the goods and wax polishing pads
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Car Care Tools 6" Car Polisher car wax polishing machine DC 12V car waxer

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