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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Jonathan Green

It takes me 2 hours to install. Thanks that there is no problem. Functions are working as the description but below details may be helpful for you:
Delivery is not very fast (10 days to UK)
Screen is just the normal effect
GPS function loading a bit slow.

  • by Richard

Great. I would give it 5 stars if I could figure out how to stream A2DP music while the GPS map is displayed. A2DP works perfectly until I press the NAVI button, then it stops playing and will not restart until I exit GPS mode.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Richard, welcome to our webiste. Our unit QL-ADI754 supports PIP and 2-ZONE functions. When you use GPS function, you should be able to listen to music. For more information, please contact our technician, her email is after-sales@autodvdgps.com. Please tell us your order number in your email. Best regards!

  • by Kurt Duhume

Unlike most of other OEM DVD player, this unit has a many useful functions in one. I like the bluetooth. No need headphone or hand to receive and dial calls. Gps is good at showing route and driving information. Seamless conbination with my Audi A4. My DVDs works on well with it. Good images and loud speaker. All in all, I like it so much!

  • by Lilisa

Worked flawlessly until now, play with all my owned discs. And it is also featured with a great built-in GPS. Takes me a detailed road information. And the PIP function is also cute. I can see two windwons at the same time. Bluetooth works well,too. To a conclusion, a great purchase. Would come here again.

  • by mouhamad

can i send unit for syria?

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Mouhanmad, thank you for visiting our website. We can ship it to Syria. Any more question, please feel free to contact us. Best regards!

  • by Revision

I agree with the aboved reviews. This DVD player bring me a easy auto life. My wife and kids would like to go out for a long trip now. You know, it is a big pleasure to see my family simle in the car. And for me, the gps is my favorite function. Now I do need to use cellphone or notebook to research the detail route any more. This gps receiver helps solve all the problems. What I only to do is to buy a software, which is only about 19 dollars and feed to it. Affordable and excellet item.

  • by Asif Sotomayor

So far excellent quality for the price. Plays well. Looks sleek and it works. I bought to play the numerous DVD's I have for my wife and kids in the car. No dislikes about it. IT's a good unit. So far this items is working excellent and I have nothing to report about on others.

  • by Satillo Gorney

I bought this unit as a christmas gift for my daddy. It was directly shipped to him. My father was very happy with it. And he even seal the deal with the installation. He said the touch screen was awesome. He did not need to push any button, just used the finger to select the menus. I reminded him just concentrating on driving. Do not play videos if the vehich is on the way. He said that was a waste of owning so great player. He needed films. But he promised that he would not play videos unless my mum was with him. hehe... thanks!

  • by Isabell Kabol

In brief: it is at an affordable price and does more than what I expect a DVD player do.
Why I give five stars for this item? Cause it deserves.
For dvd playback, I do not need to push any button. Just put disc near to the top opening.
It drags discs automatically. Save time and effort. And this unit features super-speed loading capability, about seconds to read the discs and files in the flash drives, SD cards or Ipod. More seconds are needed if initiate e-map for navigation. Nearly half minutes. I think it could be better.
And I also like the bluetooth, I can control my iPhone on the DVD player touch screen. Make calls or listen to music, even view pictures. Just feel like transfering the small screen cellphone to a big touch one.
A many other functions is also very fantastic. To a inclusion, I have a great transaction.

  • by Artur Verstiue

Though it is a OEM DVD player, the designing and performance do not lose to the end-brand manufacturer. As a matter of fact, it is better than them in some aspects. The built-in GPS is my favorite point. Now I had take aways my portable GPS. It takes to much space and the harness is always in mess. This DVD player helps me to eliminating these problems. Furthermore, I can use my iPod through the attached cable. And the steerin wheel control allows me do operation at hand. The strengths of this unit is countless. I would share much more after I use more longer. See you!

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