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  • by Arnoldo

I´m really really happy with this divece, works just great! Easy to install, great music player (using the GPS micro SD card slot), looks good, the screen is sensitive... Awesome product!

  • by Charley

It’s a nice dvd. The cables are perfect for my car. The service is good. They always reply me in 24 hours. Very professional.

  • by Joshua

This product is amazing!! was simple to install and allways having fun with it! it all works but i have not tried the tv yet


  • by DANIEL Juarez

Yes, just like the other customers said, this one is very great. I bought this after I read the reviews. Very good.

  • by Matthew Alcott

Amazing head unit, well worth the price. Simple to install. Quality is far above what I expected. The GUI is a lot better looking than others I've seen, and matches the Mazda 3 well. It's packed with features. Bluetooth works amazingly well... even has a dial pad so you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket.! Overall, I'm very impressed by this unit.

- Bluetooth function is fantastic
- Easy installation, even for an inexperienced installer
- GPS works very well
- Nice high-resolution display
- Factory look
- Can play DVD's while in drive for passengers to watch during road trips
- Plays DivX videos from MicroSD slot no problem
- RCA AUX inputs on the back to hook up whatever you want (Xbox 360, bluray player, video camera, etc.)

- Backlit buttons are always on
- Doesn't come with GPS software
- No iPod function

  • by Leighton Mirdad

Wonderful sound , good radio reception, and the price is very quite fair for what I pay.
I also bought a rear view car camera for my car. that works good with the car dvd.


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