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  • by Nadine Bergeon

Its a nice basic unit and worked as expected. The menu is very basic but it sounds great. My problem was that after one month the screen was only displaying in black and white. It was very disappointing but luckily it happened within my return period and Qualir refunded the purchase.

  • by Dreben

I bought this radio after much research and was very impressed with the videos and specs of the radio. After installing this radio I swear I feel so presidential. I did a custom install in my Hyundai Sonata and It's so unique and the highest quality image I have ever seen on an in-dash radio.

  • Replied by Sandra Mitchell :Hi my name is sandy I am interested in knowing what year sonita is your car that u put the navacation system in . An did you have nav. System that you replaced with this new system or Did u just had the radio I just have the radio system that came with the 2012 sonata & would like the nav system Would u please let me know!!!!!!' Thanks Sandy

  • by Erkme

This is a great product for the price. While the interface may be a bit slow it's nothing that hampers the performance and versatility of this unit. This unit has every feature I wanted and then some. I luv it.

  • by Keith

I got this around Father's Day, 2011, Installed it myself in about 15 minutes. It is awesome. Sounds great, touch screen is excellent. Very responsive. The bluetooth is the best. Downloaded all my contacts from my Droid X in about 1 minute. All other colors, backgrounds are very nice, but there are only 3 to choose from. I really like the graphics that show to the beat of the music. I wish the faceplate was detachable.

  • by Aron

This unit is awesome. Great sound. Great video. watching movies is incredible. True surround sound out of factory locations and an add on sub. Better than in a theatre. Highly recommended!

  • by Robert

I like this unit a lot with the exception of the Ipod controls very slow and some times will freeze up. That's the only downside to this unit everything else works flawlessly good picture and you don't have to bypass the parking brake. Terrific!!!

  • by Mavevick

Best product. Money well worth spent! Saved over 60% off by purchasing from Qualir. Product works a dream. Has caught the attention of many.

  • by Brad

This unit does everything as advertised and does it well ! Picture quality is one of the best on the market , touch controls are not to sensistive and respond quickly. Bluetooth intergration was seamless and is very simple. Most importantly sound quality is outstanding. I have always been a Kenwood and Alpine fan but for $350 bucks this unit did a great job of matching up with the higher end guys for much less !!!!!

  • by Archibald

This one is incredible. Nice shape and interface. like the features.


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