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  • by Gerardo Blake

Perfect replacement for the original radio. Image and audio quality are the top level. I had the experience of my friend's one, but his player doesn't support the function of PIP (two functions running at the same time). Installation is a bit complicate but still acceptable. Delivery is slow.

  • by Dillon

The radio itself looks nice in my car. everything works great. The sd stick works great. Fast shipping.

  • by Subbery

Good player didn't have any problems Workin it or nothin
the gps comes with it as my expection.
The Bluetooth calling handsfree.
I also didn't need the blk cord , I use my iPod cord

  • by Ruthie

I don't ever leave reviews on net shop, but this product makes me want to. Got it installed for 75 bucks, sound quality is MUCH louder and better than before. I changed a few of the settings and I can have my ears bleeding at volume 20. Bluetooth and iphone worked flawlessly with calling, it imports your entire contact list also. Ipod hook up and control was great, no problems what so ever. Touchscreen is pretty responsive (not as good as iphone 4) and is seriously a really simple and easy to use screen. I knew every option and button after about 20 minutes. Also has a lot of custimization as far as colors, very cool. great poduct worth every cent.

  • by Queen

Awesome unit for the price. Bluetooth call quality is excellent. Easily installed in my KIA Carens with a factory look. I could go on, but this is just a great unit at a great price!

  • by Turf

Fantastic purchase!!! I have been ecstatic since getting this installed in both of our cars. I actually look forward to longer drives now that we have this unit. Shop around for the best prices... I couldn't be happier with our decision.

  • by Kipling

I replaced it with my original stereo. The unit’s Bluetooth rocks and everyone says I sound very clear. This is great as I drive my car with it.

  • by Geordie

Overall it’s a good navigation system. It looks very professional. Just like the oem unit. It starts up quickly and gps is accurate.

  • by Peter

awesome, fast delivery and good dvd

  • by Jeffrera

lame shipping, it costs two weeeks

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