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  • Chrysler Sebring, Jeep Commander Compass Car DVD GPS player with Digital Touchscreen Monitor
  • Your Price:US$ 238.00

Chrysler Sebring, Jeep Commander Compass Car DVD GPS player with Digital Touchscreen Monitor Reviews

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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Troy Townsend

Installed this on my 2008 Chrysler Sebring and the unit is amazing. It is very easy to use and works great with my iPhone. I highly recommend this head unit to someone who want to upgrade their stock. The price is worth it! Great product.

  • by Andre

Hi, How many of this unit do you have in stock? i have a couple. Thanks

  • by Mikel

shipments to Chile? As would be the cost of shipping?

  • by Mikel

Dear Sirs,
I will appreciate if I can indicate this radio model is compatible with the jeep compass 2012.
The delay the shipment to Chile?

  • by Komsant

Hi All. This is my first touch screen/dvd/rear camera/blue tooth/Built-in GPS DIN unit. All is quite satisfactory with the performance. What make me impressive is that I can listen to my music through memory chips. The only drawback is the weak signal of the remote.

  • by Tim

Have no idea if this is ligit. i have a 2006 jeep commander and it came with stock stereo but I want the gps/dvd/back up camera.. will this work? is it easy to install?

  • Replied by flora:Thanks for your comments. We are very sorry that this unit only suits 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring & 2008-2010 Jeep Commander & 2009-2011 Jeep Compass & 2008-2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. But the QL-JEP801 could fit your car. You could take a look at on http://www.autodvdgps.com/200207-jeep-commandercompass-limitedgrand-cherokeepatriot-dvd-player-with-indash-navigation-system-p-1033.html. This unit has gps and dvd player. It could support the back up camera. You just need to install it on your car and connect it with your car navigation system. The install is easy. We have the installation guide on our website at http://www.autodvdgps.com/installation_guide_download.html

  • by Rainer Poen

A good device that meets all expectations. The lighting of the buttons is a bit too bright.

  • by Felip

I heard that you will have a holiday, but I’m still waiting for my dvd. Happy Spring Festival! Please send out my dvd as soon as you com back.

  • by Keith Blevins

Thanks for the fast shipping. Very good DVD. The package makes it safe during the shipping.


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