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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Joan

One year ago, i bought the item here and now everything is working well. The features are the same with the description. Today i come here for another item, the website is really good and worthwhile!

  • by Kostya

This unit is a great value. It does everything it says. For the price you can't beat it. When I first ordered it I was kinda nervous; My biggest concern was picture quality. I expected it to be very pixeled because of the low price and lower name brand. But the picture is great! The installation was a breeze. For anyone with any experience, it was very self explanatory. The manual is horrible as others said because it is translated from another language but all the wires are very clearly marked. There is a safety feature on this unit so that you can't watch video while driving.

  • by Hault

Compared to all the baseline models having these features, you're getting the same exact features and quality the major commercial name brands give you for $500+ more.
Good touch screen, good EQ options with a super bass mode and loudness control. More than ample ins and outs on the rear deck. Great radio reception, I grab all my favorite city based radio stations just about anywhere I go which is from up to 50+ miles away. Remote has plenty of interface controls. Disc loading is fast, aux, USB/SD reading is instant and plays Divx the same it would off disc.
All your settings menus are incredibly thorough as well, lots of options to suit any of your needs.
For the money it has thoroughly earned 5 stars.

  • by Moon

Works great but the manual is poorly written(translated from another language presumably, and is lacking vital information.
Sound quality is impressive and is easy to install.

  • by Silvio

Very good! The rim of this item is large enough so that I can easily fix it without any crack.

  • by Croft

it works well. it will be better if the light could be brighter.

  • by Gorge

All as good as discribed, especially the sound effect is great with the Dolby system.

  • by Charles

I like this item at first glance. The designing is so classical and the price is competitive.

  • by Naweed Tran

I like the steering wheel control, very convenient for m to control the dvd. To sum up, this is a amazing multifunctional dvd.

  • by George Jerome

For my car, this one is not suitable. because it is not compatible with the bose and can-bus. Now many A6 have bose and can-bus, and professionals are not sure to fix it.

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