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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Andres

Shipping to Mexico incluided? or only in USA?

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Andres, Welcome to our website. We can ship to both Mexico and US. The shipping cost to Mexico by DHL is 69.23USD, while to US by DHL is 65.49USD Best regards!

  • by Sophiya Lance

Perform much better than I expected for a player in $400-500 range. Gorgeous display with intuitive touchscreen control. So far so good since the install 4 months ago.What make me amazing is that it has built-in Gps and bluetooth to gether. I check my iPhone wireless connection, work well.
Thank You !

  • by Hessam Kelle

I am completely happy with this DVD player. It has a great picture for viewing movies and also has lots of different controls to upgrade our driving level. The built-in GPS is the most highlight I am fond of. Great performance, I would definetly try to get anybody i know to buy on of these. Its the best player i've seen for a decent price in a long time.

  • by Field

Good dvd player. It is useful for my travel. You know, i really like travel. The quality is good. So far, it has been worked well for the past few months.

  • by Baldwin

Beautiful unit , I like it when I first saw it. The color on the screen is perfect.

  • by Hirofumi

I am a little disappointed about the small screen. Except this point, everything is good.

  • by Owen

It’s great, with a lot of modern resources. The high quality was also assured by the company accountable for the installation. The color fits the car perfectly.

  • by chad Mai

Good stuff. Dual zone function is wonderful. Ems shipping is good.

  • by Jaffry Szbu

The unit doesn't come with any Navigation Software.
The navigation part of it loads a Windows CE 5.0 Shell, so you can run anything you like that will run on that OS. You simply point the start up to the exe of the application.

Initially, I wanted TomTom and the app ran fine, but you can't get the maps from anywhere, (I even phoned TomTom) and I didn't want to waste any more of my life getting it working.

So, I put iGO8 on it. It's really really nice. The best I've had. It's 3D and has text to language etc.
PM me if you want info on this.

The GPS always loads in the background when the unit starts, so GPS actually runs while listening to music or whatever, so it can warn you if you are travelling too fast or if there are certain 'avoidances' needed to warned about.

You can also always toggle between GPS display and the Head Unit display, despite the mode you're in. Also, music will still play if you have the screen on GPS display.

All in all, fantastic, but it takes a little bit of mucking around.


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