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  • by Joseph

So far this has worked well for me. I bought it to play videos on, it's worked like a charm every time we've used it. No complaints at all...The GPS we occasionally used because we always drive on the old familiar way. Our kid likes the iPod input very much, she likes to use her iPod on it. I like to listen to CDs or radio when driving, this is a good unit to bill it... and for the price, it's an unbeatable value! Two thumbs up!

  • by merlyne keyter

hi there,
will this unit fit in my opel meriva 2005 and do you ship to south africa and how long will it take to reach me.
thank you,

  • by Stelios

I also bought this device , I am from Greece.

THe device is very good. The pixels are high resolution in comparison to other Car-DVD's out there.
I always receive compliments about this device how bright and crystal clear it is AGAIN in comparison to their car-dvd's.
I always feel that the price was so low for such a good product.
*Touch Screen is very responsive.

****But I have a complaint about BLUETOOTH ! Many people complain that they can't hear me and then I always switch back to phone.

I installed 7 different GPS software programs THEY ALL PLAYED NICE !
GPS signal is very responsive and the device is fast.

Television with DVB antenna is excellent all the time ! I live within DVB signal area.
Otyherwise just with the simple tv is not that good but it's not good with other gps-devices out there.
Just make sure you buy the DVB-antenna so that you have crystal clear TV all the time.

Overall I am very satisfied about this because it has everything !
It comed in different colors to match your whole interior design. And the color is exactly the same code of your design , not close but exactly the same.

Πραγματικά αξίζει παιδιά δέν θα το μετανιώσετε, στάνταρ γαμάτη αγορά.

  • by August

It's one day earlier than the appointed time.
Compared with the attractive package,the item's quality is much better.I love the touch screen,which fits my car completely.
Oh,yes,the price is much cheaper.
I really want to introduce you come here,and I'm sure you won't regret!

  • by Doctor

For the price this is an awesome unit, it even made the stock speakers sound better than decent.

easy to install (10/10)
quality of user interface (7/10)
viewing angle (7/10)
value for money in comparison to what else was available on the market (9/10)

  • by Toddy

This unit had much simpler wiring and installed very easily and quickly. All connections were labeled well on the back of the unit. Initial setup was very quick and easy as the menu interfaces are very easy to use. The screen is very bright and clear, and DVD's play extremely fast and look amazing for a 6.2" screen.
Overall, I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a inexpensive, yet quality DVD/CD player.

  • by Byron

I am still learning about this radio but so far I have no complaints. The DVD player works great and the play function can be easily bypassed by steering wheel control. The touchscreen response time is very fast and all in all the button layout is fairly simple to navigate and the icons are easily interpreted so even without title to tell you exactly where they lead it is easy to understand what they represent.
I am very pleased with this purchase and would buy it again if I had the choice.

  • by Leonard

Nice product and good price! Great service. Best seller.

  • by Sam

This DVD player works wonders for long car trips with our granddaughter. She gets restless quick strapped into her car seat (can't blame her) but taking her out of the seat while on the move is not an option. So with this player, we can play her favorite cartoons. It is a life saver for us. And worth every penny. An added bonus... We'd like to come here again.

  • by Baldwin

Incredible features and quality! I can't believe how good it is for the price! Definitely recommended!

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