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  • by Michael Ho

hi, how do i get the buttons on the mainframe to light up?

  • by Jozua Pitout

No wire diagram attach and explained. Can not change the red lights, the country spec and have to modify the brackets. Want to update the maps, but cannot see the correct version. Otherwise it seems that it is a nice product.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Jozua, Sorry for the inconvenience. I had asked our after-sales technician to send an email to you about the details. Hope they will help you solve these problems. Best regards!

  • by Jacob Stewart

I am purprised by its abundant functions. Very versatile with the options for music like; SD card, AUX, USB, CDs. You can not image to have a radio stereo which has Bluetooth and Built-in GPS together under $350. And all of them do a job during my driving. When I am tired, I'd like to listen to the file in my ipod through this head unit. Great sound!

  • by Ben Drigvue

I like to change DVD player just as I like to change cars. This one is my third try. To my surprise, over one and half years, I do not have a thought to change it though I had changed a new car. It is real easy to bypass the safety feature just grounding the parking brake wire so you are able to watch while you drive. I have a 6 hour paper route so i need something to watch or listen and not get bored. Anyway what sets these apart are that they are Bluetooth enabled and you can use up to a 16 GB flash drive or sd card on it and this is the reason why i bought these just plug-and -play player. In the flash drive with all my music and movies and plays instantly no need for an ipod or cds at all (though it also have these capability, for me, it is useless). And the life expectancy of these decks is very high i drive the same car for 6 hours a day everyday and had one of these last for 1.5 years or more which is real good compared to other ones i have had in the past that have lasted only 6 months or so. So if you are in the market for a DVD player, this one will be unbeatable.

  • by Kirit Ventura

I couldn't be much more happier to buy this player. Easy installation and operation. It comes with the all functions I want to have. Besides the vital functions, It can be changed the background pictures and sounds to what I want it to be. And I can hook the ipod to the main unit through the extra cable. The remote control is a must when my wife is in the car. She likes to all the shots. All in all, thanks!

  • by Byron

I had this dvd installed for one day. Replaced my old cd player. so far so good. I like the new menu interface. The navigation screen may take you some time to get used to. But you will like it.

  • by Brynell

I wanted to spend a miutne to thank you for this.

  • by paulo monteiro

good night
please tell me if this dvd player work in my Ford SMAX 05/2007
paulo monteiro

  • by Luigi Weiss

Thanks for your help. I installed it easily. I like it very much.

  • by Benson saenz

i bought it for my wife, and she likes it. it's easy to install. i will recommend it to my friends. thanks.


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