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  • by Idaho

I check out a lot of scratched DVDs from the public library and my old player would often crash on them. Very frustrating!

This player does a MUCH BETTER job at playing them. So far, no problems at all.

Also, I have some DVD-R or DVD+R copies of home videos made from my computer and this player has no problems with those either. My old player often had problems with those.

It also has many useful functions like the description said. However I do not use often. I usually listen to my ipod on the car stereo or radio.

  • by Ronald Edors

I bought this unit to replace the previous method of watching DVDs in my car, which was hooking up my old little player to the media monitor and frequently experiencing disk errors, video quality issues, etc. This DVD player is simple to use, and has been working very well so far. It took me only a couple hours to hook the machine up. We've had this unit for about a week now and haven't experienced any issues or problems whatsoever. In my opinion, it was a very good buy!

  • by Leven

Good, I am very satisfied with the item! Thanks!

  • by Swan

We're very happy with our purchase. We bought this item before a long road trip, and are pleasantly surprised at the quality. An even greater feature is that the DVD player comes with plugs so you can connect it to your iPod /iPhone. And bluetooth can be used to make handsfree calling.
I love the remote controls. Only downside is the difficult installation. Very happy with this purchase, and would recommend it.

  • by Wales

We purchased the same unit but a different screen size from Qualir last year. It was everything we were looking for. We wanted an additional set for the other car.
There is nothing that I do not like about this unit. Remotes can be used from the back seat or my 6 year old can do it himself. Assuming this unit holds up as long as the old one have I can see no downfalls. We have had them for 4 months already and not a single problem. So happy to share this good item with all people who are stilling search best DVD player.

  • by Emerson

Incredible features and quality! I can't believe how good it is for the price! Definitely recommended!

  • by Attlee

Nice procuct - fast ship!

  • by Carlos

It is lucky to find this great site. At beginning, they give me a perchuase guide in detail and then I meeet some Qs in the installation and they also kindly help me. Thank you so much. Highly Recomended!

  • by Binh Carey

I got some question on the installation. I just sent the email to your service email box. The feedback is very quick, thanks.

  • by Bite Diana

Good. The frame fits my car so well just like the stock radio. Thanks

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