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  • by Brian David

Pros: The package was very nice and packaged well. Once it was installed it worked great.
Cons: The instructions were not very easy to ready due to being labeled on the packaging. The diagram was small and had to scan and enlarge the instructions.
The only reason I gave it four stars due to the plug and play with my vehicle Mazda 3.

  • by Phame

I just got this camera installed today at the shop. So far everything seems to work great. The quality is good and isn't too blurry which I was initially afraid of. I have yet to test it in dim lighting, but from what other reviews have said, it works just as well. This definitely helps when parking in tight spots where you don't have much room to see. Overall, I recommend this camera.

  • by Leo

I paired this up with my Gentex rear-view display and it works awesome. I did quite a bit of online and in-store research and this camera looked and felt like it was made better than the other ones I looked at .

  • by Jonathan Stanley

Step 1) Pop off the clear plastic lens from your license tag light with a flat screwdriver.

Step 2) This unit snaps in where the lens was (minor non-visible bumper trimming required for proper fit, a file might work better than snips if you don't have a dremel tool.) The camera has a built-in lens in the factory position so your tag will still light up.

Step 3) Run the power leads to a switched source [e.g. reverse light wiring (cam on whenever in reverse), license plate light wiring (cam on whenever headlights are on), or another switched source.] You'll need a meter to determine 12V+ and Ground of factory wiring. Cam wires are small gauge (28 gauge?) but I was able to wire to factory wiring with a waterproof telephone wire tap (tap not splice) after removing some of the insulation on the factory wiring. No need to cut factory wires if you use tap.

Step 4) Run the wiring into the car's trunk/hatch using a factory rubber grommet. Prob have to remove the spare tire and everything to get to it.

Step 5) Run the video cable from the trunk/hatch to the head unit and plug into the cam input. I used a combination of the parking break cable clips and the passenger door sills then ran it up under the dash to the back of the radio. The cable fits under the sills without removing them.

Test) Turn on your car and radio, select rear cam from touchscreen, put car in reverse or turn lights on or however you wired it, test for proper operation.

Camera has clear picture both day and night and nice overlay with 50/40/30/20/10/STOP on screen.

For the low price the factory fit and installation are amazing. Probably nobody will even notice you have a backup cam unlike those aftermarket "mounts on your license plate" style cameras (which also cost more). I have a graphic on my rear window so I'm using this cam every day, especially at night or when it rains causing reduced visibility. It's great! :)

  • by Mike Hielscher

The camera takes up a little extra space than does the light shielding, so you need to trim just a tab of the plastice nearest the camser. Other than that this prodect is perfect for the Mazda with the hatch! My girlfriend helped me with all the snaking of wires, but really, it wasn't too bad. Hooked up easily to my head unit and looks great! I went with the CCD to be sure it was clear, I feel it was worth it in the end.


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