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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Benny Steele

Really great replacemnet for the Hyundai original radio. Screen size seamlessly fit with the space. Installation is a bit complicate but still acceptable. Every function is great except the radio voice is not loud enough at noisy place.

  • by Spencer

I dont see why people say it is slow?! It is really fast and responsive. I love the features, the bluetooth, everything. Well worth the money. You should buy it!!!

  • by Joshua

The head unit works great as advertised. Has a fantastic picture as well as sound. The unit is slow during the transition to other screens but I do have to understand that it's not a super computer. But still.

All in all a good buy.

  • by Javier

Well I just finished installing my unit, and have to say the video is outstanding. However, the user interface is a little troubling. I'm going to have to read the manual I suppose, but overall this unit is great I would suggest this unit to anyone that wants solid video, bluetooth, and audio quality. In additional, it also have a Gps.

  • by Chris

My car model is Hyunda Elantra 2008. And this one is perfectly matched to it. The size and the appearance are both ok.

  • by Sunceray

This rectangle designing is very contracted. I like this style and all basic functions I need are included. Indeed value for this price.

  • by Sergio Denisov

This is the second time that I go to your shop. I bought one dvd a few months ago. It works well. And my wife want this, too. So I come again. And she is very satisfied with this one.

  • by mehmet Meyer

This item worked very well in the past half year. This company is believable., I will buy another one again for my family, sooner or later.

  • by Pierre Cardinal

I love this unit, it gives a great stock look with high quality picture and sound.I also bought a digital tv box, and a rear back up camera for a fully functional entertainment system. Great Buy.


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