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  • by Emile

Product arrived amazingly fast to my residence in the USA. Out of the box everything was there and in perfect condition. Unit looks great and is extremely functional. Installation was a breeze but I had to use a Micro bypass switch to bypass the parking brake lock for the dvd to play while car is moving. The unit has tons of features and settings but would be a little complicated for someone who is not an audiophile. The Manual is poorly written and why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. This is a great buy.

  • by John Brisbin

This model is great, a black piano finish and a very clean, stylish, and minimal-style faceplate.

I bought this for my sister's birthday, and only install it up tonight, but I am amazed with the quality. Additionally, it had the gps, which was a huge guid on the road.

Picture is great right out of the box, no adjustments at all. All I did was putting the DVD to its automatic-identifying tray openning. All colors were perfect. Sound right out of the car stereo system. My sis has no car-theater system, but I may get her a sound bar to add some uummph.

Anyway, at $460 delivered, for now, this is an amazing auto entertainment system!!!

Time will tell. My advice is to go for it!!

  • by Jack

I purchased the DVD player for my husband. This units is one of the few players that has a dvd player and compared to others was competingly priced. My husband is extremly surprised by the quality. Two thumbs up on this product.

  • by Heston

I didn't expect it to look half as good as it does in the picture, to my surprise it looks even better!! The remote is easy to use and works great. I like that it has a USB port and a slot for an SD memory card in addition to the Aux-in.
I have NO experience so I took it to a local shop and they installed it for me. It only took them 30 minutes, so I'm sure if you have a little knowledge about how these works you could do it in a few hours.

  • by Idan

Overall, the unit is good. Few drawbacks as mentioned below:
1. The buttons are small.
2. DVDs won't be played in cold weather, CDs are fine.
3. There are no dimmer/illumination wires. If the manufacture stereo has these wires, you must tape them carefully when connecting to prevent short circuit.

  • by Song

The product meet the expectations, well design. The screen is very sharp and the touch screen is very easy to use. The sound quality also is good.

  • by Jason

This in dash DVD player is very good for the price, excellent sound and clear display, and come with a build-in Bluetooth but the touch display is soso, also have support for upgrade for TV, anyway is worth for the price.

  • by Lallatte

I got this installed a few weeks ago in my car and its awesome. I like the ease of use for this stereo. it looks good in the car. The only thing I noticed if your not playing DVD's the unit is kinda lame. it took some tricky wiring to get the dvds to play while driving. now its awesome.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Emile, Welcome to our website. Our after-sales colleague will send the detailed steps to help you solve this problem. Best regards!
  • Replied by emile J provencher:could you please tell me how you bypassed the parking lock. Want to wire it to allow my passenger to watch dvds while i drive.

  • by Hanna

Equipped 7 " In-Dash Double-DIN DVD player with iPod / iPhone Control meets the expectations I had, the reversing camera backup function is another astonishment to me. It is very good and has a high image quality. The purchase was great.

  • by Satic

The sound is much better than expected - very happy.
The screen is very clear and more than acceptable.
This stereo also had two additional Video-Outputs. I connected one to a dash mounted 7" Legacy Monitor and it looks great.
Camera Input which works as expected.
Tested a purchased DVD movie, three different Home-Made DVD Movies, DVD with MP3's, CD & CD with MP3's, ALL worked with NO Problem!

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