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  • by Leo

If you like watching movies, this item may be a good choice. It has great touch response, the screen resolution is great and the picture is very clear. Of course other features are also great. And the price is reasonable. Good item!

  • by Sea

I like music ,the DVD player sounds good,I think my trip wil not be boring!

  • by Nall

A few days ago I received the product
works perfectly has no problem, I recommend to all
maybe in the future, can you include a cheaper delivery for Europe.

  • by Josphy

I've installed it. it's not perfect but it is good enough for that kind of system the price is right.

  • by Dass

I bought this for my son 18th birthday and he loves it! We have not had any issues with this product thus far.

  • by Sucker

I orderd this on 1st and signed up for 5 day shipping well today is the 9th and i just recieved it!!!!!! but i came well packaged and sounds and works great so all in all the shipping is the only problem

  • by Asper

The technical support here is horrible the picture quality is good, there is a way to by pass the "stop watch video" just look it up on line. Over all happy with the unit. Good luck on talking to technical support they do not know jack.

  • by Mango

I was a little skeptical on buying these due to a few reviews I saw. However I received them fast and am completely satisfied! CRYSTAL CLEAR PICTURE, GREAT sound quality, easy to use and set up. I LOVE the built-in GPS and bluetooth. The way that they open to put the discs in is very nice. simple button on panel and remote controller is also included. The skip protection on them is wonderful as well. We we're in the middle of our trip to MI to visit family. It do good job on the go. Overall I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone!! Great price, great customer service and wonderful product!!

  • by Miumiu

Fast shipping and nice product, deserve five stars.

  • by Josh

This unit has worked really well for me. A great product for the price. I didn't have any problem mounting it to my mini van. I tried the built-in GPS once and it seemed to work okay. I almost exclusively use the bluetooth and route the sound through the car stereo.
My favorite feature is the ability to read data video files off of CD, DVD, SD card, or USB memory. That means I can load up a DVD-R with 4 or 5 divX movies or pop in a memory card and be good to go. that gives my kids a lot more to watch on a lot fewer DVDs.
The only negative that I have is that I have lost the remote and not all of the playback features are available on the player itself.
I have been using it for over 5 months and overall I have been very happy and have recommended the unit to others. Especially when compared to the factory DVD option in vehicles, which is usually several thousands of dollars and a smaller screen, this unit is a steal.

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