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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Carlton Young

This item is a good touch screen radio for the money. It shipped quickly. I can connect via bluetooth to my phone. This is the first one that I've had. I would recommend this unit to anyone wanting to get a good radio for a cheap price.

  • by Rogelio Hogan

This product exceeding my expectations considering its price point. For the price this is a great product. I have been very pleased. Easy to install, lots of upgrades from USB, SD card reader etc.

  • by Daniel Andriano

I loved this unit for the past 2 months. Navigation and radio have no problems at all. The audio quality is good and the iPhone/iPod controls work well.

If you are not the guy has no technical experience, I recommend you to install yourself, as it is really easy and funny.

  • by Alexander

Time to time unit holds and doesn't react to any button. Reset button doesn't help. Only reinstall

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Alexander, Really sorry for these problems. Our after-sales technician will give you a reply about the solutions. Hope they will help you to solve the problem. Best regards!

  • by Alu

Läuft alles wie es soll für den Preis angewöhnungsbedürftig sonst Top

  • by Butler

This headunit sounds absolutely amazing when set up right, even in a high end component system.

  • by Dove

This is a good DVD player, I bought it not cause I wanted to use DVD's in it but rather to load movies on the SD card.
The player really seems cheaply built, the tray's ejector is too strong for the clip holding it so one side sticks out a bit and sometimes it says the tray is open. (Can be an issue while driving as bumps in the road will force that warning)

  • by trimi

Its a good dvd i have installed it on my 2009 Mazda 6, however i have problems with steering wheel control. I have to the foult codes in every two month, cuz they stimply stop working after while. Everything else is great

  • by Alexander

Not a bad unit, but I would note follow
1. The unit doesn't contain radio antenna connector between unit and mazda6 wire. You should buy it.
2. It is impossible to connect modem neither USB nor Bluetooth to GPS module for navigation program to control traffic function.
3. GUI for music player is lazy and inconveniently to use.
But for the price unit is ok.

  • by Denis

Steering wheel control no funktionirt and no Antena cabel RDS-FM Radio!??

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