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  • by Eduardo Harris

This item is a good one to me. The reason I dont give the five stars is because it doesnt have the enough power to play the middle speakers I mean it is good but I expected more. In the other hand, the price is very affordable for the kind of product it is.

  • by Richard Gill

Had this unit installed in my teenage daughters 2012 Mazda 3 itouring. I had a local car audio store install it along with a Farenheit CCD-4XS backup camera. The guys at the car audio store were impressed with the speed of unit. There is some sort of distortion in the FM radio when navigating and the sound on the radio does not lower itself when the navi system gives voice prompts. I haven’t been able to get the wifi to work either. Sound quality is very good. I would recommend this unit.

  • by Richard Sondheimer

Radio audio quality and image quality are the parts attract me most. After reading the instruction and contacting with the consumer service, I used 2 hours to install it. At first it seems hard but finally it is easier than my expectation. Every line has clear labels on it, which make the installation easy. Perfectly working with my Mazda. However, there is some problem connection with my iPod. When I talked with the service, they told me only 16GB is supported. What a pity.

  • Replied by Mike :Odd how the iPod size makes a difference (it shouldn't). I'm awaiting mine. I hope I won't have problems using my iPhone

  • by franklin rocamora

hi, to everyone.
i recomend this head unit. its a great unit..
sounds great also.. and all fuction is great.. ideal for after market head unit..



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