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  • by Jensen Nijenhuis

First, the touchscreen is very fast to respond,and very easy to operate, and the screen is easy to see, whether during daytime or at night. So great that this DVD player can support 3D maps, making it much easier to view the road condition. Sound quality when listening to FM radio is very good. If you use cellphone frequently in the car, this item also offers a grerat BT module allowing you to handle your calls safely and conveniently during the driving. I did a right opt!

  • by Alleyn

This is a great car DVD for the price. It runs smoothly, and responds very fast. I like the menu icon, very easy to operate. Normally, radio signal is very strong, but when i drove to the mountains, the signal was not steady. It is easy to pair my phone with this item, and BT stereo music sounds very well. Pretty good!

  • by Stormy

Easily mounted this car DVD in my 11 Camry 1 weeks ago, things seems to be not bad. Bluetooth pairs very fast, it is amazing that such a bargain support bluetooth stereo music. now i like to enjoy ipod music via the car stereo, great enjoyment. but sometimes radio signal receiving is very weak, even can't hear anything, i couldn't solve this and this is my only complaint. i didn't take the GPS application, so had nothing to say about it.

  • by Dietmar

Excellent item! Purchase is very easy and fast. This item has Simple GUI design, very easy to operate. As just installed it, i have only tried BT, radio and iPod control. iPod and iPhone connect very fast, and work very well. The radio signal is very strong even in countryside. I like the movable panel, an interesting design. If you also have a low budget, like me, you may consider this unit!


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