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  • by Fred Bass

Image quality is just ok but these days its hard to look at anything that's less than "HD". You'll still be able to make out what you're looking at but it won't be as clear as an oem camera. Based on the reviews that said it fogged up at the first sign of water I took my time and sealed it up before installing it. I unscrewed everything and added a healthy amount bathroom caulking. I live in the desert so the most water it will normally see is at the car wash and so far so good.

  • by Gregg Warning

I purchased a similar one online but it out of work for just 10 days. So I carefully checked the products on the market and chose this one. I have to say that I didn't sure about the product's quality before I received. To avoid the risk the same condition of my previous one, I write down this review 1 month later. In fact, I knew it would be better as it has a more professional package and different material (can't be recognized in the image) compared with my previous one. Nice deal.


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