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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Lucas Lewis

I purchased and installed this unit in my Versa 08. It works great for what it is. I read all the reviews before buying and did my homework.

You do need some basic understanding to install and some patience. If not, just pay to have a pro install it. The unit is slightly larger than a standard 2 din.

  • by Wasim Dughmuch

I looked for quite a while to find a reasonable priced double din chassis radio replacement for my car. This unit had the most features for the best price. It has performed fair. The interface is a little cheesy and it is slow to respond. I would like to reserve the deepest depths of hell for whoever put the auto re-memerize your radio station buttons on the main radio screen.

  • by Marino

A lot of features. The sound quality is very good. The system overall is very fast and responsive. The navigation has worked well. Make phone call on the bluetooth device is great while driving, sound clearly. $263.99, you can't get a better one.

  • by Leonie

Exactly what I thought it was going to be. Awesome screen features. Would recommend to anyone. The only thing it doesn't have is the CDC function. But for the price, maybe i couldn't ask more.

  • by Miguel

You cannot beat this unit for the price. it is very friendly to use and has all that i want from a multimedia player in a very nice price. I recommended to everyone.

  • by Jamal King

All in all, my experience with this unit is very good. The DVD is much clearer and the sound is really quite better than I was expecting. The unit has all the inputs i wanted. The hands free device works well with my phone after paired. Overall, this is a really nice unit and worth the money to upgrade an old audio player.

  • by Adam

Very pleased with this item! Screen is clear and gorgeous, sound quality is much better than the factory one. The menu design is very intuitive and easy to use. It also comes with iPod and iPhone supporting, great for me! Also the price is very reasonable! Recommend!

  • by Flynn

Cheap, cheap, cheap! But this item has multiple functions, and every works well. The installation has no problem for me as i once engaged in related work. Here i must say its good customer service, very satisfying!

  • by Afra

Found this unit after browsing many different sites and products. The price is pretty low considering its multiple functions. It has almost all the common functions including built in Bluetooth, GPS, ipod compatibility,etc.. The touchscreen is responsive, easily visible, and easy to navigate while driving. I would recommend this to product to anyone!


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