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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Andrew Dawson

Terrific replacement. Color and size fit well. Operation interface is very easy. All the specs are the same as description except the iPod Control. I asked the service, she said it works with 16GB version. Pity for that.

  • by Yerardy Eusebio

This gps work in dominican republic or other carribean islands?

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Yerardy, Welcome to our website. I'd like to tell you that there is no regional limitation of the usage of this player. You just need to make sure that this DVD player can be used with your original car. You can compare your car radio size with this player, generally, if the size is the same, that will be ok. Here is the dimension picture: http://www.autodvdgps.com/images/QL-CRL114_001_main_02.jpg Best regards!

  • by Amr Sayed

Can I buy it and download GPS maps for EGYPT
and how

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Amr, welcome to our website. You can buy the unit QL-CRL114. We have it in stock now. Once you buy it, we will send you a free GPS map for Middle East, which includes Egypt. You don't need to download the map. Best regards!

  • by Gaylord

This item fits my new 2012 Corola very well. I'm glad I found this head unit because it packs so many more features, and the 8 inch big HD screen is very great. It is easier to play movies and music stored in iPods and USB sticks. GPS responds fast. The sound quality improved a lot after replacing the old stereo. Like this item very much!

  • by Chatwin

This item is very attractive. Awesome looking and performing. First is the 8 inch big HD screen, which really impressed me the moment i saw it. The color and size also fits my car very well. Have tried every funtion expect iPod supporting, all perform perfectly. Last i must say the price, can be the lowest compared with other similar DVD players i have considered. happy with this purchase!

  • by Carlisle

This car DVD has everything that i wanted for my car, and everything works well! i must to say that its service is really satisfying, customer service is professional and the shipment is fast! A great buy!

  • by Barse

A perfect item for my 2010 Corolla! Installation was not so difficult for me as i have some experience. If you are a music lover like me, then you must like this item as it has the iPod playing. Of course other functions also works well. I got a good value!

  • by Aldora

Great car stereo system. The stereo sounds great, the dvd player has great picture, and you can also play music files from USB stick or SD card. It also has touch screen presets which are really great and offer easy operation. It may because it is a specially-made for 2007-2012 Corolla, the installation has no crack, and is pretty easy. Moreover, it also has the subwoofer output. The iPod supporting can be a favorable feature for music lover like me. Really like it!


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