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  • by Cain

This item is exactly what I want, its video and audio functions are pretty good, Bluetooth works well with my phone. The GPS navigation really helps me a lot during the trip. I also bought the headrest monitors connected with it, allowing my little kids to watch the cartoons, really great!

  • by Austine

Good product! I made the right choice after comparing so many items from different websites. It has great sound and clear image. UI is designed friendly and is easy to operate. The sound quality of making hands free calls via the built-in microphone is good. Everything of this item seems to be great! Five starts!

  • by Bree

Shipped fastly!This is really a multifunctional item. It is nice to be able to play songs from the memeory storage device as well an an iPod or iPhone. The touch screen is sensitive and easy to operate. I am very happy with my purchase and enjoy its multifunction!

  • by Wilona

Installed this DVD player yesterday on a 2010 Mazda6. Connection was done well using the screws, wires and harness included in this item. Hooked it up to the back-up camera and the picture quality is very good. Bluetooth functionality is awesome. A great value for money purchase!

  • by Davs

I agree with the others, this is a great item! Everything works and sounds great! For this price, you would not buy a better one than this one! Highly recommend!

  • by Lexie

I love this DVD player for my 10 Mazda6. Bluetooth, backup camera, DVD, radio(alo including the RDS), iPod, built-in navigation, etc. Seems like a steal for the price. Also love its service, not only the good customer service, also has the fast shipment service. You WILL be happy with this car stereo device!

  • by Libby

I have had this item for nearly one month and really liked it.This unit is pretty nice for me. I love the navigation with easy-operated icons. The iPod controller worked good and you can also control it on the DVD screen. The touch screen is responsive and there are lots of configuration settings in the setup for both A/V and GPS. Overall, pretty good product until now.

  • by Dayla

I'd been looking into buying a new headunit for my 2010 Mazda6, and was very excited about this audio system, especially its music playing options, DVD, CD, Radio, Bluetooth Stereo music, iPod/iPhone playing, digital music files from USB and SD, all of these are so attractive for me! Of course the GPS and bluetooth functions are also good! Overall, Great DVD Player!


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