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  • by Lawrence Jardel

Finally receieved the product today! It's quite simple to plug n play. However, with everything installed there is still wires that was plugged in the OEM radio that is not plugged into the new system. Does it go anywhere? Also, the steering wheel controls don't work. Does anyone know if that plug goes into the new system?

The system itself looks pretty nice and vvery close to OEM. The only weird thing is the sound is if you increase the bass it sounds like the vocals come out more. I like the graphics and the touch screen is simple and great! I plan to add a subwoofer later in the future. I recommend this product.

  • Replied by Tim:Hey really looking into this radio does it support the Bose system in the car, and do u need anything additional for steering wheel controls
  • Replied by frank:hi, im from italy.. i had new mazda 3 active 2013. is this head unit compatible with 2013 model mazda 3 active?? plsss reply

  • by kerry

I have more of a question....is this head unit compatible with2010 Bose system???

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Kerry, Welcome to our website. I'd like to tell you that QL-MZD111 can not support BOSE function. You can have a look at our QL-MZD723, which supports BOSE function. If you have any problem, you can write an email to service@autodvdgps.com Best regards!

  • by Jack

Great unit, works as advertised. Nav was good, cool menus,looks good at night as well. Had some issues with AM radio but that was resolved. Support was especially great answering all my questions.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Jack, Thanks for your feedback. Glad to know that you like our item. You can do feel free to contact us at the first time when you have any problems. Best regards!

  • by Ulrika

Have had this unit only a few days but I am impressed so far. Screen quality is awesome, looks very clean and nice, and all the features make it more attractive. Paired to my phone easily, and the bluetooth uses well. Connect my original subwoofer with it, sound wonderful! Love this item!

  • by Moon

This unit is great! I don't see why I ever spent so much money on the maintenance of my old original! The interface is easy to use and the sound quality really brought me wonderful audio enjoyment.good!

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Star, Welcome to our website. Generally speaking, our player if a specific one for your original car,it is plug and player, there is no need to do any modification. So it won't affact your car's warranty. Please don't worry about this. Best regards!
  • Replied by Star:I have to call BS on this review. "maintenance of my original"? what maintenance does someone have to do to a radio? If any the car would still be under warrenty.

  • by Alfie

GPS and USB port works good, sound is great.that is what i wanted.

  • by blablasaki

I bought the QL-MZD723 first, but we have two Mazda3, so the one with Bose will get the QL-MZD723, and I bought this unit for the other one without Bose.

Let's start with some good points. The User Interface is better than the QL-MZD723. It is easier to use, more user-friendly. The SD, USB and the Radio mode are clearly arranged. It is easy to install, and all buttons of the steering wheel remote control were already assigned. The BT connection works fine, and I also like the Navigation too. Unlike the MZD723, the music will not pause if the navigation makes a announcement.

And now some negative points. The german translation is horrible, I am now using the english UI. The sound is not so good as the MZD723. If you set Bass and Treble higher, the sound will be very strange: no bass, not clear. The Setting for the Middle has no function. Besides of that, I don't understand why there is only one skin has been installed. Normally it is possible to change it. The build quality is ok, but it doesn't fit perfectly. The gap between the unit and the ventilation grille is not even.

After all, because of the price and the better usability, I am fine with this unit.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Eduardo, Welcome to our website. What do you want to know about our MZD111? You can tell me your car year version, so I can confirm it for you Best regards!
  • Replied by eduardo:hola soy de chile y queria consultar si me sirve ese modelo de radio para mi auto el mio es mazda 3 sport pero no es full equipo pero tiene los comando en el bolante. sesorame gracias


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