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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Cornelius Lane

It's a great product. Great menu options for controlling my ipod. Enhance my factor speakers greatly! Video indeed does not work while car in motion unless you install the bypass. Installation was easy.

  • by William Caci

I purchased this item last month. A car audio shop installed it in my CRV and the product was fitting properly, it looked like an original Honda part.

And the navigation and the bluetooth functions extensively and all of them worked properly. The only minor issue was that the volume had to be turned up for the phone to be heard through the audio system, but it was not too disturbing. The item well worth its price.

  • by Lalo

Bought this for my brother. Looks very nice in the dash. It has a lot of options (including all i wanted). Excellent sound. It built in bluetooth and RDS radio. I can use my iPone to stream music over bluetooth and the sound quality is impressive. Playing my iPod via this DVD player is also available after connected to this item with the iPod cable. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

  • by Quenna

Mounted it in the dashboard, looks very nice. The screen is very clear. and sounds great too. There are many inputs and outputs. It also offers various entertainment enjoyments, making driving more interesting and enjoyable than before. Good buy for this price!

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Kevin, Welcome to our website. You must talk about the headrest monitor, if so, I'd like to tell you that our dvd player can be used with the headrest monitor to let the backside passengers enjoy the moives or videos. If you want to know whether it can be used with your 2012 car, you can compare your original car radio size with this player, generally if the size is the same that will be ok. Best regards.
  • Replied by kevin:Are you able to see the screen from the back seat? Does fit perfectly in the 2012 model? Thanks

  • by Fleta

This is a good head unit. Clear picture on DVD playback, Looks good in the dashboard(have a nice "high end" feel), Good price, Multifunction, Supports TF cards and USB stick. Just what i was looking for!

  • by Atherol

I bought this item as a gift for my mom's birthday and she loves it! Great quality sound and very friendly UI. Accessories for installation were included with the item and it was easily installed. the lcd screen is awesome showing images clearly. A great value and I want to recommend to you!

  • by Jerolin

it is excellent, perfectly fit my new CR-V. Installed it, the interior of my vehicle looks more attractive. More, it provides all the entertainment resources for me, listening to radio, watching TV channel(including my favorite sports game), play my iPod music and digital files from the storage devices. I have a lot of interesting things to do while waiting for the traffic lights or driving for a long journey. Awesome!

  • Replied by kevin:Are you able to see the screen from the back seat? Does fit perfectly in the 2012 model? Can I play movies from my flash drive? Thanks


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