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  • by Mynesha Muhammad

i live in the us and my fiance bought me this navigation for my xmas gift for my new 2011 camry. the fit was perfect, the color and was perfect and everything worked perfect. i still havent hooked up the back up camera yet cause i cant figure out the installation but the radio itself was the perfect gift. the best part for me is the way it connects to my iphone when i get in the car and the navigation is really clear and direct showing highway exit signs and the wording on them right on your screen. i love this navi.

  • by Steve

Before buying this item, i searched a lot of products information from many different sites. Compared the price and the features, as well as customer reviews, i finally selected QL-CMR111. US$ 322.99 is nor expensive, within my budget. The touchscreen is responsive, easily visible, and easy to navigate while driving. Like the built in Bluetooth and iPod compatibility very much. I would recommend this to product to anyone.

  • by Poppy

This car stereo has everything that i wanted for my car. it was mounted in my dashboard perfectly, sounds great, many inputs and outputs, everything works well!. Overall i'm happy with this item, good buy for $322.99!

  • by Calixto

Though i have this product for only two months, I have to say that I love it very much. The price I paid for this is reasonable and the quality and features of this unit are beyond my expectations. Fast shipment and received it on time. Installation was simple without any big problems. The quality of the picture is phenomenal. With this multimedia player, i would not feel boring and dull while driving alone. It looks great on the dashboard, like factory-made. I highly recommend someone to purchase this product.

  • by Ernest

This thing is multifunctional! It can do back up camera input, GPS navigation, Bluetooth input, Television input, the works. I can't think of anything they leave out. Its even got an AUX input. Moreover, it also has my favorite iPod control. Here i have to say its good service, including the patient professional customer service and the fast shipment service. Awesome!


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