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  • by Felton

Great unit for holding the iPad on the headrest, boys like it very much as they can watch movies during the dull driving.

  • by Benita

I bought this for my iPad 2. It worked great in my Audi A4, especially for viewing by my little kid. Even in not smooth road, the car mount still kept my iPad held with no movement at all. Great item at a great price.

  • by Buckle

This car mount is very easy to install and pretty sturdy. You can angle the iPad to your liking. It is very useful during the long-distance trip: holds the iPad securely and kids sitting in back seats can watch movies or play games. Great item!

  • by Elinor

This car mount is easy to install and used very well, it's also very steady and sturdy.

  • by Delia

simple to use and easy to install, pretty good item!

  • by Leopold

my little kids like to watch movie sitting in back seats, or they will be very noisy. I bought this so that I could mount my iPad. The installation is easy and didn't cost me too much time. This product seems to be very solid and I expect that it will last for a very long time. I have been very happy with this purchase so far.

  • by Dominic

It is a useful gadget. Simple to install and use. Give my four stars because that the delivery was delayed 2 days.

  • by Mavis

We love it. With such a gadget, iPad can be fixed on the car headrest, which keeps the children happy as they can watch their favorite cartoons during the driving trip. Easy to install. Like the way that it can be adjusted to any angle. Very simple and easy to use!!!

  • by St.Leger

It seems to be very solid. with this item, it is easy to fix my iPad on the headrest, looks just like a headrest monitor. Boys like it very much, as they can watch movies and play games when sit in the back seats. And i won't need to worry they will too noisy. Cheap but useful item!


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