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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Jonathan Benson

Product video is very useful for installing. In fact, I was watching it throughout the entire process.
I didn't drive too far away from my town. In the two weeks of using, all the features are working nice. No problems currently and I hope it can maintain this condition at least two years.

  • by Igor Solodchenko

Good deck overall.
Package is complete and you would need nothing else to install.
I've updated the micro sd card that came with the unit with the class 10 and that cut 20 seconds from loading time of the GPS.
Screen quality is ok, but can be better. All the menus look and works fine and the touch screen is just the right sensitivity but in video mode the blacks and greys have little difference so the image does not look super sharp. I've connected every option to the unit and they all work.

  • by Yolanda

Outstanding unit and i had it installed in my new Mazda 5, fits very well. I received this item about half a month ago, and only tried the DVDs, BT and Radio modules, all run well. I didn't have an iPod, also not install the car camera, so i didn't know how they perform. Until now a pretty good item!

  • by Haydn

I bought this item and installed it in my new brand Mazda5. Looks very nice and functions well. The menu icon is very user friendly and easy to operate. The touch screen has a high sensitivity, only need slight finger touch. If you has a Mazda5, i would highly recommend this item!

  • by Chaucer

This unit performs well except for phone Bluetooth phone connection application, Sometimes it produces too much noise for caller to hear conversation while traveling.

  • by Dolly

Good sound quality and beautiful pictures! Looks very nice!

  • by Hoyle

if the delivery was not delayed 3 days, i would give my all stars!

  • by Betsy

fits well. Until now it is a happy purchase. this item has all the functions i wanted, and run normally. service is good, the delivery was fast and package was in good condition. I hope that this DVD will last for at least 1 year, it was really bad that previous one only worked 2 months. I will update my review!

  • by Helly Wood

Really a multifunctional car DVD, Radio, GPS, iPod/iPhone and bluetooth works well. Can't beat the price compared to other in dash DVD GPS. However, I do have a problem with the microphone for the bluetooth, the sound is low and i didn't know how to adjust it, still waiting for the reply!

  • by Maureen

This product almost satisfies me with everything that i wanted. It functions well, but has no phonebook, and sometimes it appears some noise when i make handsfree calls via mic. I most like its Stereo DVD and RDS radio functions, very good! Overall, a pretty good purchase!


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