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  • by Christelle Bociaga

I shoot music videos, short films and the occasional event and this monitor has been perfect for me. Its only $156.99 so i didnt expect it to be the same image quality as the back of my dslr.

  • by Fonda

This monitor is great for the low budget! It's easy to shoot videos on your DSLR with one of these when coming to the issue of pulling focus and such. Highly recommended!

  • by William Cross

The new HDMIis workable. And I like the full clear image. I can always watch something I want to as it is moveable due to the delicate size. I can put it in the sleeping room or living room. Also the product parameter is adjustable.

  • by Daniess

Go easy on me... first review I've ever written.
The monitor arrived this morning, packaging was in great shape and the panel was clearly brand new and had not been a return or anything like that. After opening and assembling the stand, which went super easy because it is upside down in the package so you do not need to flip it like other monitor's I've purchased, I powered it on. Turned right on, went through the quick set up.

The picture quality is rediculously good im my opinion. Our main TV is a Sony Bravia 46" LED and though I certainly won't make a case that this is better than the Sony it is very difficult to see the difference. So far the football clips look good and I'm not noticing any blurring on fast action. I'm running the default 'home' settings and picture looks like it would only need minor tweaking, but at this point it looks great and I probably won't bother with calibrating.

Sound was a bit tinny when I first turned it on, but as I've watched it I don't think its bad. Movies or video games I might consider a sound bar, but for a $200 dollars purchase I havent had a better first impression.

I'll keep this short, but I was hoping to provide some recent feedback to reassure others that bought this or consider this in the future that the monitor I received at least is great. Admittedly this is a very early review and certainly doesnt attest to the longevity or warranty experience, but right now I'm happy and think others who have purchased should feel really good about what they are getting.

  • by Oleg Skuve

Not great, but you can live with it. I plugged my old speaker into the audio out with the rca cable, and the sound is great.

Takes approximately 5 seconds to boot on and off.

Does not save picture settings across different inputs, at least not for HDMI.

  • by Denis

Big, bright, efficient and nice-looking for under $200 is a deal you won't find that often in LCD screens. This is one is full HD resolution with a great response time.

The frame is thin (about 3/4') with a bezel that allows flushing them together at an angle without a gap. Stand is stylish without taking too much space (contrary to the previous model that looked like a toilet).

I have purchased two of them, from different places at different dates and both are working perfectly.

  • by Ashell

I needed a pair monitors to work from home more efficiently. I had a smaller 6'' LCD + my laptop screen, but that just didn't cut it. I have dual monitor at work, and needed to get the similar one for the house to make life easier when working from home without breaking the bank. These fit the bill - Out of the box these monitors are a little on the bright side with factory settings. I had to turn down the contrast(to 40) and brightness (to 50) to get the windows 7 colors to look more natural/less washed out. At home (when I'm not working) I do mostly web surfing, some programming, a little youtube, etc. For what I do for work, as well as home entertainment, these monitors work just fine.

All in all, these are simple monitors that don't break the bank. I find that it help to reduce the eye strain I had been dealing with using the smaller 6" + laptop monitors.

Also, I got these on sale - They were just shy of a buck forty each with free shipping, so the price was right.


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