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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Neal Salazar

I have been using this camera for 3 monthes. The picture is wonderful day or night, the grid lines are very helpful, and I haven't had any issues with water or condensation getting into the camera. It is very good for me.

  • by Vereler gone

It is my second time to buy THE unit. I love my first unit so much. However, it is broken by a rude nerd in a trailgating. I ask for a claim for the new one. So I come here again and want to buy a good one as the before. Pray for god, I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT.

  • by Richard Hocks

I could not believe it is so easy to install this backup camera. 15 minutes done all of it. The good live chat girl tell me that the most difficult part of the installation was the temporary removal of this car's inside trim and molding, and it really wasn't that hard to do. Thank you very much for the patient guide before my purchase from this site. And this item is definitely as good as the excellent customer care. Big back view angle and almost no dark port. Highly recommended!

  • by Naeem

This unit allowed me to do a quick scout of a large area. Clear view and quick response. I can do rear parking more safer and correct.

  • by TAMER

I have had this camera a few days now and have been very impressed with the tests I've put it through thus far. It is bright and clear in the day. At night, the picture quality become a little worse. All in all, it can be tacke as a good item according to its low price.

  • by Evan

Fast delivery and good wrapped parcel. Nice!

  • by Karen

I bought a DVD player and this item here. Both of them are good. Thanks!

  • by Pebbles

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for psoting!

  • by Edson Parra

perfect everthing works very good, the image is very clear and nice...A++


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