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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Josie Jones

This Product works very good, but the design is not good. The receiver size is more larger than I think.

  • by Fayzie Worrie

When I say little, I mean little. This thing is portable and light. For functionality, ease of use, quality of device it is awesome! I could catch the tire pressure through the detail information display. And I can also control the tir pressure by defining the minium and maximun parameter. Great deal for me!

  • by Terrion Auguse

Before purchasing this item, I researched and viewed nearly hundreds of TPMS. This is the last coming into my consideration. And I place the order in a short time. The functions is tremendous. Once I pre-set the min and max limitting of the tire pressure, the rest is detected by the unit itself. Automatic alarm if the realtime pressure is over or less. Helpful!!!

  • by Robbison Laker

I am very happy with the bang for the buck. The delivery is fairly fast, and the unit is of super light weight and shrp detect. Don't think you can do a lot better for the money spent.

  • by Dennis Cruzde

Got my package in three days after my placing order. Very soon. Once I unpack the parcel, I know it is what I need. Delicate painting appearance. It also have a good performance in the real driving. I was scared by the beep at the begining,hahaha...Now it is ok.

  • by Philippe Sutta

Frankly speaking, I got more than I paid. It is really a useful tire pressure monitor system, I can be aware of the current tire pressure through the clear data reflection. No case of having flat tire or tire punctured any more. Do a good job!

  • by Steven Nidiger

I bought this system as a Xmas gift for my father-in-law. Though in the age of 60, he still likes have long trip by his own car. I think it is a good equipment for dadday to enjoy his trip in a safe way. Hope it arrive in soon!

  • by Cusent Sultangulov

I feel great about this purchase...The four sensor is delicate made, which run into beep mode once I got flat tire. And the main unit reads the pressure and display it directly. So I can make a precise decision. It is a lifesaver for my car tire. Thx!

  • by Cocotten Rubbine

Hi! Guys. It is my pleasure to leave my remarks here. Hope it will help you to make a good determination. What really struck me about this unit is the low price. Now, I am also blown away by its good performance. Accurate pressure setting and snsitive alarm. Highly recommended!

  • by Ruslan Skolvoe

In my opnion, it is a must for all of us to have a tire pressure monitoring system as a major safety factor. This unit is the only one that I was able to find for a motorcycle where I can actually set a level for the tires. I tested it, whether the real pressure is less or more than the setting data. The sensor will alarm out of right. Very useful!

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