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  • by Earl Olson

This is a really nice quality camera with a really good picture. I bought this to replace my old camera that I had owned and used for about a month. This one has a sharp high quality picture thats easy to see.

  • by Monica Dolman

I found this product from Bing, and purchased last week. The delivery cost 7 days. After installing on my Honda (entire process cost 20 minutes), I tested in my yard. The vision in the daylight is great but normal at night, but clear enough to identify objects. Take consideration of the price, this camera is great. Hope these words will be helpful for you.

  • by Jorge Rodriguez Mota

its good product. i recommended and easay to install.

  • by ambro

This is a good IR night vision camera, especially for the money!

  • by Bach

Everything is OK except that instructions for installation is too simple!

  • by Coral Strong

Good product and works great. I like this item offering clear images both in daytime and at night, helps a lot when backing up. Waterproof, still runs well in rainy days. Worthwhile!

  • by Danny

good thanks i install and work very nice.and look very nice and shipping was very fast thank look very nice in my car my radio look nice.

  • by Sarato

Recieved my product in just couple days and item was just as described. Would recomend doing buisness here.This was so easy i will be doing all my car electronic shoping from here.

  • by Toyoo

This is by far one of the best budget cameras you can find. The quality is pretty damn good for a CMOS camera. I purchased the Philip backup camera in local store and it does not look nearly as good as this.

Great Quality
Fast Shipping

Wiring the cable is very thin so make sure you insulate it.

Great camera and quality for the price its a win. Highly recommend it I only give it 4 stars because of the wiring.

  • by Smile

This Camera is a great bang for your buck if you have a DVD Headunit that has Backview capabilities. It was simple to install if you have any experience installing things into cars.

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