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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by James Jeffcoat

Installed this in my car. It's pretty cool. The price is unbeatable. The lights are the coolest part. Very complicated at first but you'll get use to it. The moving back ground is mad cool too. I recommend buying this unit if you have extra cash.

  • by Lucilio

Color fits my car well. Touch screen has a fast responsive speed and is very convenient. Phonebook feature is a new feature and very useful to me. sound of voice navigation is a little low, that is a small flaw.

  • by Fabio

i think that this brand isvey good and my last 2 cd plyers bought here for my wife and my friend was Custron, i love Custron DVD, works perfectly and easy to figure everything such as gps,bluetooth and so on. would recommend to everyone

  • by Battista

Great DVD player at a good value and looks very nice installed in the dash. Can do most of what the more expensive DVD players can do, and it is not bad than those items of famous brands.

  • by Alonso

Easy to use product. Movies is very clear on this item, the reception of radio is OK, everything is as good as advertised!

  • by Elise

Overal i was happy with this headunit. It does almost everything i wanted, and is easy to install. But when i make calls via the BT hands free set, i can't hear clearly. Except this aspect, this is a good item.

  • by Gratia

I must say that it is a great product, though Custron is not a famous brand like the Pioneer, the quality is very good, and has the features of today's DVD player. But the price is much lower than the famous brands. Why don't you choose this?

  • by Paige

This is a good product. Unit is very easy to operate, and has a lot of features. The touch screen is very responsive with slight touch, easy to use, remote control is the same with it. It has a good looks, and you can also customize the main menu. Overall, the DVD plays very well.

  • by Jesus

This is a very nice head unit and navigation system Easy install and everything works awesome. But here i had some complaint about the shipping, it delayed several days and i had worried whether it would come to me.

  • by Cole

I've had this unit installed in our Camry for a few weeks now. Use it mostly for iPod control, GPS navigation and handsfree Bluetooth, works wonderfully! Great sound and image quality. Like it a lot. Only addition I wish it had arrived several days early.

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