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  • by Luis

I have had this product for about half a year now. It is great and I love it. The touch screen is great and the bluetooth capability is excellent. I don't use CD'S any more becuase this product give me the opportunity to use my flash drive and iphone. Great!

  • by Avii

I bought one of these headunits. It works ok but the way the main wire pig tail fits into the headunit is crap. If it's a tight fit then it won't stay plugged in. Also doesn't support I tunes music video formats which I was kinda disappointed with. Works well overall. Just those few minor complaints.

  • by Ehalm

got this a few days, i cant speak on the longevity of the item. but it works amazingly well and its definitely a steal for the price. if your thinking about buying it go ahead its a quality product from an up and comer in the car audio world.

  • by Silvio

This product has been great so far. The only problem I've had so far is that sometimes it will restore default settings when starting my car. It doesn't do it all the time, every once in awhile. Other than that it's been great.

  • by James Harvey

I had this unit installed recently and it works great! This is a great buy for the price. It is very easy to maneuver and I like that the built-in GPS, so helpful in my daily driving. Would recommend this one to you.

  • by Tundra

I don't what to say about this Power accoustic QL-BMW 681 other than it's awesome! It fitS my car like my original radio. I can't believe that. Qualir doesn't know me. My product is good. I choose to write my review. I suggest people buy this product they will see.

  • by John

I installed it in a custom console and it looks and works wonderful lots of options to work with. a little hard to hook up to a subwoofer of the original car. Other than that it's easy.

  • by Andrew

I bought this for my girlfriends BMW E88 and my first impression was that I found a great deal, I only paid 599 for a 2 DIN 7" TFT head unit with iPod direct connection , built in blue tooth, DVD Playback, back-up camera ready and a few other options that are appealing. After removing it from its packaging I noticed the fused power, acc, and antenna wires on the wiring harness which is nice, but the wiring harness is ridiculously long, and takes up a lot of space behind the head unit, which is tight already.
I used the RCA connections to bypass the factory sound system, and connected them to a Kicker ZX400.4 amp and a Boss CA1100M amp to power 4 Kicker DS680 Speakers and a Kicker C10 Sub. After installation I messed with all the functions of the unit. The blue tooth works pretty well, the radio works well, DVD/CD/AUX playback are all great. I plan to add on a rearview cam later this week and hopefully that works out well.
My general impression is that this unit looks and sounds great. In general it does its job and makes my girlfriend happy. Thank you!

  • Replied by Bernd:Question: I`ve got a E88 convertible. Where are the switches for the seat-heating, the automatic-roof and the start-stop-system after having installed the unit?


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