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  • by Clinton Wilkerson

Fit seamlessly with E93. Touch screen is smart and very clear. IPod syncing very well and the music effect is great. In fact these functions would be enough; I don't like the useless small feature like calendar.

  • by andro

what is with seats heater

  • Replied by Qualir CSR:Dear andro, thank you for visiting our website. For making clear of your question, we had sent an email to your box, please check it. Any more question, please also feel free to contact us. Best regard!

  • by Matirize

I am very pleased with this product. it is made in heaven with my 05 BMW E90. All the wrings are ready, what I need to do is open the plate and exchange the old radio. I am astonished by the sound effect, I do never know my car kit stereo is so great. With this head unit, I discover it and now I'd like to listen to the music when drive back home. Another upside of this unit is the built-in GPS, help me a lot. Very happy buy. Thanks!

  • by Jen Haggen

I love my Power Acoustic QL-BMW689, it is simple to operate easy to install ive have great fun with it, picture perfect. great deal. good service.

  • by Youth Grone

I'm am completely satisfied the price was very cheap and the product is definitely worth it! The fast shipping delight me very much. Thank you for your good product and good service. Would come here again.

  • by Esvol Illon

This product is great for the money BUT if your limited on space behind the dash the external amp is a pain to install so for me adding a 4-channel amp was a huge help. Other than that cant beat the price, and how often do you see a SO LARGE SCREEN DVD player?


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