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  • 1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge, Chrysler Car DVD Player with in-dash Navigation System
  • Original Price: US$ 380.99
  • Your Price: US$ 380.99
  • Save: US$ 66.00

1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge, Chrysler Car DVD Player with in-dash Navigation System Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars(16 Reviews)
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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Glen

I purchased this in July, 2012 for a Jeep Grand Cherokee '01. This is a very good product for the price and I love the way it looks in my dash. Getting the SRC feature to work was the hardest part of the install. My only real complaint is with the camera install feature. While backing up, the radio won't play. Other than that a solid value and I would purchase again.

  • by Maxime Ryen

Amazing player with so many featurers of a much more exspensive dvd players out there.
this unit is very nice as its easy to operate during the trips. I simply love it as I'm on the road a lot. I can play all my iPod music on the unit by the car stereo. I couldnt even tell you what there for but wow you gotta get one you'll love it.

  • by Flint Okitta

I've been using this player for a couple of months now. It plays my disc collections very well.

Pros (important to me):
* Inexpensive and excellent value
* GPS navigation
* Plays DVD/CDs
* big touch screen
* Very nice remote with intuitive button layout
* backup camera input is ready

* A little slow to load, maybe 2 minutes
* Remote is not backlit
* To much wires to clear up when installation
Overall, I highly recommend this nice unit.

Enjoy it!

  • by Alexander

This DVD player has an excellent value-to-price relationship. It meet all of my requirements: play DVDs, gives gps, backup viewing; and it does them very well. The Gps is the most important factor that I want to buy this unit and very good it does not let me down. I can view my direction very quickly and easily.
All the other basic functions work well, like TV channels, radio, play music as a normal CDplayer and MP3 player, etc.

  • by Miguel

Fast shipping and nice product, let alone the great price. I had owned it for about three months. The only problem is that I do not know how to set up the gps software path when I fist use the built-in GPS. I send email to the aftersale service team. Got a quick and effective solution. It is very easy to operate the main unit by fingers or remote control. And I do not meet any hardware problem so far. So I recommend it to all the people who want to have a great DVD player at great price.

  • by Manuel Brodie

I was disappointed at the small size screen at first. Then I found it brings much more clearer images than my old one. And the average response is quicker. I get more functions than my expection. Great GPS, great sd card slot and usb port. Now I do not need to worry about my big size files. There are big extended memory. All in all, I am very satisified with it.

  • by Mark Hollis

Got all the functions I expected. The DVD player can play the DVD discs all around the world. So I can enjoy all my foreign collections. The GPS and Bluetooth both are my favorite functions. Lots of convenience. And I can also listen to radio of my customed programms. The steering wheel control give me a good and easy operation on the volume and lists. Great!

  • by Christoph

A happy transaction. In fact, only three day to my door. Once I got the parcel, I tested most function. GPS is good. Bluetooth and radio is OK. I do not have iPod, so the iPod control is useless for me at present. However, the steering wheel control is very useful. It is as good as described. Generally, a good player replacement. generally, a good replacement player. But we have to see if it malfunctions during the 60-day return period. Forget to say that the return period is long. A trusted company.

  • by Juni Backely

The built-in GPS is the key factor that I purchase this unit. In the result, I made a right determination. It has a good performance on the road. What I only want to pick out is the slow loading speed. However, the player has a good speed on the DVD play. High resolution picture without nosie. I can connect my iPod to the main unit. And control it on the touch screen. Great player in my opinion.

  • by Linda Scoteven

My husband go often to buy the DVD players, and his last three (expensive) purchases have driven me crazy. You konow, we have two little kids. And we have family trip every week. It is a disaster when the DVD player go insane during the trip. I don't know if it is the progressive scan that stops working or what, but all of them freeze when they play DVDs, and you have to wait, wait, wait for the machine to figure out what it is doing and start playing again.

But then I make the determination to buy this little and inexpensive one. It is proved that I am smarter than my husband. GOOD image and sound. The best of all is the great price. The quality is nice. No any issue so far. Our trip go smooth now. Thanks very much!

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