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  • by KOSheets

I just thought I would share my experience installing a Custron 1080HL. It was not as plug and play as the distributor would like you to think. My FM/AM reception dropped significantly and I was no longer able to use the AUX jack in my console. In the distributors defense it said the unit was for replacing a standard stereo and the Aux jack is apparently an add-on. Anyhoo its in and working after some head scratching and an additional $20. At this point in time I haven't had a lot of extra time to play with it but it appears to be of good quality but only time will tell. Below is a PDF with pics, diagram, and part documentation I required in addition to the provided harness to get the head unit working like I wanted it to.

p.s. the factory set pass code/ password for the Other Settings/ Boot Settings in the Custron menu, at least for my unit, was 7758521. It was not in the Generic Manual but the customer service department over at Qualir (www.autodvdgps.com) was very quick to respond and have been throughout this entire process. Though, not always as knowledgeable as I would hope they are quick to respond.

  • Replied by KOSheets:https://resources.oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/kosheets/Filemanager_Public_Files/toyota%20highlander%20Custron%201080HL%20Install%20experience.pdf
  • Replied by John W:Does your highlander have the factory back up camera? If so, did the unit work with the back up camera?

  • by Pattie

Everthong is great on this system except treehouse Bluetooth. Sounds like I am talking with my windows down. Very important since I live in a hands free state !

  • by Mukram

So far there is nothing wrong. It’s really good item. Highly recommended.

  • by Filippo

This audip system fit my 2010 Toyota Highland and it has so many ways to access to music and other audios and videos. it is easy to operate with the remote control or touch scree. But USB cord and plug are not the same length, that is the only drawback, and i can stand it.

  • by Adels

Great radio with a lot of features. I'm a big user of Apple, so it nicely integrated with my iPod and iPhone for various application such as music, this is really great for me. Connected it to a rear camera and that works perfectly. USB port on the front panel is a good design, like it!

  • by Felipe

easy to install and makes everything work. fits perfectly. as it has special harness and wires, so wiring is not so difficult and mess.

  • by FERO

This is a very good-look unit. Fits perfectly in the double din area and functions great. The touchscreen response is sensitive, a happy purchase experience!

  • by Hanke

great product, and it is very practical, also has a better sound than my factory radio system. the only i dislike is that the shipping is too slow, and took 16 days in all.

  • by Gavin

Just installed this unit but so far so good. The USB and SD interfaces on the front panel are pretty user friendly and there are buttons for common functions, which is thoughtful. Offers a lot of inputs which I like very much. I needed a unit that could serve the role of video player, navigator, backup camera monitor, handsfree phone set, this item does all, and is just the one i was looking for.

  • by Conner

This is a great DVD player if you are looking for something that is fully expandable to GPS, Bluetooth, radio with RDS, as well as lots of other features. But remember that you also have a high budget.

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