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  • by Hector Curtis

I have tried many different devices to connect my iPhone in my car. This is the best direct line into my stereo, Works better than my expectations. Able to skip songs with the track change radio buttons, and change the playlists up and down with the disk change buttons.

  • by Mario

I installed it into my car deck. It worked well, and brings a good quality sound. Operation is easy, no any navigation lag. And I really like it so much.

  • by Sarah

This unit is easy to use, but the iPod interface is sadly lacking. I used to leave my iPod in the glove box for months without touching it. Now I pull it out to reset it almost every day. Thanks to this good unit, so I can listen to my favorite music again.

  • by Tuart

Purchased this item for new car stereo. no problems so far. installation a snap.

  • by Ritchard L

This player is fairly great, so it matched up to my car DVD player. And the transmitting speed is quick. My iPod find a good assistant. I could enjoy all the music file easily. Good!

  • by Trevor

I like this item very much, a great product. The installationis a breeze, taking no longer than 15 minutes. The most difficult part is routing the audio cable. Fortunately, there are many resources on the web to provide help for this. It works really well. The audio quality is outstanding. I have nothing but good things to say about it.

  • by Booch

So far it worked pretty good, for about a month. The cord is firmly and I do not worry that it loose to disconnection. And my ipod works well on the radio. The adaptor seems to great. Easy to use, plug and go.

  • by Chrise

I have installed this unit on my PEUGEOT.
The only thing I wish is that autodvdgps.com had a vehicle specific instruction for step-by-step installation.

As I have got some instruction from car Forum, I was able to get the back of the car stereo and install the adaptor buy duck-taping on the back of the navigation unit.

On my dash screen, I am able to view titles of the song, and browse the playlist beyond disc 6, and all things seem to be working fine with my iPod Classic 60GB. It definitely has more room and is more convenient than CD changer.

I would rate five star if it offers detail instruction for me. However, the product itself is without any issue. Recommended!


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