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  • by Chris Presby

I ordered this head unit with a back-up camera and the backup camera was back ordered so it took a couple of days before it shipped. When they did ship, it only took 2 days from China to the US, needless to say I was very pleased. I was also very happy with the support I received with the pre-sales department, they were able to answer all of my questions, it took a little while on some of the questions because of the language barrier but it was not too bad. When I received the head unit I had it professionally installed, this is for a Porsche so I was not about to get in there and try to figure this out on my own. I also purchased a Digital and Mobile dual ATSC tuner, (the mobile tuner is key if you want to watch TV while you drive as digital TV is extremely directional and will not work while moving). Qualir sells these, however they were out of stock when I ordered so I got one from another site. Once I got it installed the real fun began. It is exactly as advertised every function worked flawlessly from the DVD to TV. I can stream my music from my iPhone to the stereo via Bluetooth, or I can connect it directly to the iPod cable, it worked great with my iPhone 4s and even charges the phone. I converted some of my movies and TV shows to DivX and put them on an usb flash drive to test and it worked perfectly. Also the DVD player is great and the picture is perfect. The Navigation is iGo primo and it has been excellent. Even the back up camera is great. I got the CCD camera, it cost's a little more but the picture is very good. The dual zone feature, (listening to music while utilizing the GPS works great with no configuration) and making a phone call was easy after I paired the unit with my phone. I could not be happier with is unit or the service I have received thus far from Qualir.

  • by Wulvonsoga Kugluse

I agree with Diana. I am so lucky to find this website. A great multimedia player is on my car now. I think every car owner should have this wonderful head unit. Not only we can enjoy music together, but also navi and movies. Many add-ons!!! Great deal.

  • by Diana Riccich

I am still exploring functionality...More function than my expectation. I would say that for the price you will be pleased...I sure am. So far, I used DVD playback and GPS, also bluetooth. Good performance. It has a usb port and SD slot. you can use ton play movies. It's a great additional to my personnal entertainment... Of course, it also can be yours!

  • by Naffy Noddesin

This is a great item for the price it plays all of cd and dvds that we purchase it not have a problem with doing burned cd or dvds clarity is great compared to some of the other brands. Sound quality is not that great but on this item it was very easy to install and my daughter was able to play all of her music and watch her dvd collection she is very happy with the item. My wife and I like the GPS most. and many other useful functions delight us very much, such as PIP, 2-ZONE.

  • by Briscoe

$529 is a little expensive, but this player is worth for what i paid. Within 4 days I received the item with well packaged, isn't it fast? After easy installation, it is really a wonderful addition to my vehicle, all the functions are working well. Great!


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