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  • by Natthaphon Yunan

I have Toyota Celica T23 vvti model year 2000.
I wonder if Custron T1062TYT OEM Factory-Style DVD GPS Navi Radio, fits my car?


  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Nathaphon, Welcome to our website. You can compare your original car radio size with this player, generally, if the size is the same, that will be ok. Here is the dimension picture: http://www.autodvdgps.com/images/tyt520_toyota_celica_09.jpg Best regards!

  • by Pedro

Everything of this item is great, and the price is not expensive, overall it is good DVD player, the only drawback is that this item has no TV option

  • by Neuogria

I picked up the newer 7" player for $419, was looking for a nice, but inexpensive indash player for my daughter, she just bought her 1st car and was wanting a multimedia player to match her new mount. So, for a gift I picked up this unit, was worried it might not be good quality product, but with all the positive reviews on the model equaling 4+ stars, I decided to take the chance. It's been in for four days now and is working great. Thank you!

  • by Robert Wongler

Hi all:
I got this on the special for $419.Let me start out by going over some of the negatives I read online:
1) Shipping. I saw lots of people complain about broken electronics etc. While not directly related to the items it does affect people's decision on if they are going to be buy a player online. This was shipped DHL with Super Save shipping. I may have just lucked out by I live in Philidelpha and the express station was 130 miles from where I live. I got this from dhl the four days later! Everything was in excellent shape.
2) Sound. Absolutely in line with every other DVD player I have ever seen. Sure its not movie quality sound. But I personally have not bought a similar set that is. That's why you spend another 2-50k on a sound system.
This set to me is every bit as good any maybe better than my old Pioneer set as far as picture quality. I have tried GPS and iPod input, great. No problems what so ever. I even stream music from iPhone4 by bluetooth and its perfect in my opinion.
I have not tried anything using the USB yet so can't comment on that.
I was hesitating on buying this set but at the price I got it plus Qualir's great support I couldnt pass it up. I honestly would paid more and been happy though. How many things today can you say that about?
As for longevity. Not sure yet. Here has the 1 year warranty with mixed results I guess.
3) Dead pixels. I saw numerous people say they had dead pixels in the screen. I know this can be a problem for any LCD set... I have read about this problem on sets costing $1000.00 more. You would assume the number of sets with dead pixles for those higher price sets will be lower... I have no idea, but my set arrived with zero dead pixels.

  • by Matjaz

I am pleased with my purchase. The picture quality is great, sound completely adequate for my needs. All my dvd collections can play on it very well. And the hand free calls is convenient when I concentrate on my front road. The only oddity is the installation. At first, I thought I could hook it up. But I made some mistakes, who know what's that. No voice come out. I have no choice but drive my car to the installation stroe, and ask professional to complete it. I advice you not to do it yourself.

  • by Fair Whake

After installing this car DVD I am more than satisfied with its performance! It would have gotten 5 stars. To be quite honest, it is better more than I ever expected! Very easy to make it compatible with your iPod. The package is with a direct connection cable, there is no need for me to buy another cable to get my iPod connected. The Touch Screen is very easy to use, and the performance is perfect. All in all, it is one great piece of equipment!

  • by Brisbin

Looks nice however did not notice much if any increase from my much older DVD player that did not upconvert. For about 400 dollars it's a good deal. I ask the professionals to hook it up and he said this unit is good. Could not be happier.

  • by Ronny Narum

1.Allows you to plan direction on the GPS
Easy to use menu for settings, chapters, titles etc.
2.Esay bluetooth calls
can return to last break point to replay discs (for multiple DVDs)
3.Can connect to iPod
4.steering wheel control is ok for muisc list and volume adjustment

Map loading takes minutes
Very few controls on the set panel, so if the remote is lost, it is not convenient.

Bottom line, it is a nice player at nice price. Recommend.

  • by Ann Kress

Thanks to this unit, We got rid of our old one because it kept freezing up. We have only had this DVD player for a month but so far we are very pleased. We have had no issues with this player. The sound and picture quality are very satisfactory.It is a breeze to use touch screen to operate. I do not need to push any botton to open the disc tray, it is an automatical-reading one. And the GPS works well. I feel this DVD player is an exceptional value for the money, especially if it holds up over a long time.

  • by Carnaham

This product filled my need for a DVD player with GPS. I am not building a car theater, rather I am just interested in viewing DVD content without an overly complex system. This unit delivers at a low cost and includes many features that I was not expecting to have. I can use my iPod via the my car stereo, and usb and sd car is also available. Bluetooth is very safe for my phone call. Very good item!

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