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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Christelle Aivre

Great product but not perfect. There is no problem in both installing and using. The remote control has some broken buttons, I connected with the custom service and the changed a right one for me.

  • by Jessie Johnson

Best system I ever had. Music is great!

  • by GUSTAE

Works Great. Good interface, the touchscreen is a great added feature. There are many sources available and even a backup camera option. But navigation voice is a little small, maybe it can be tuned. Even though, would i buy again!

  • by Gabi

the Custron T1062TYT OEM DVD is very good if you like watching movies in the car and have an iPod. You could not ask anything more from a car headunit. The dual zone mode makes it possible to watch movies on the backseat from a separate display while you in the front seats listen to music. Remember that you'd better not watch movies when you are driving considering safety.

  • by Jayla

I love the dvd player features but the touch screen responds a bit slow. Overall good system with all the functions you expect, even including iPod control(iPod charge is also OK) and handsfree BT with phonebook.

  • by Chase

Good Custron DVD player overall. beautiful display, great iPod interface(iPod charge is also available). Better, has AUX input on the front panel. But the user manual is too simple, making the installation more difficult.

  • by Wolf

like the product, easy to use, nice features. if shipment didn't delay, that would be much better. i would recommend it to anyone that is interested in getting one

  • by Juma

I'm very pleased with this purchase! Easy to use, quality sound and easy iPod and connection.

  • by Leith

The sound quality is much better than the factory audio unit. Radio works perfectly, and it can show RDS information. Phone pairing is very fast, and handsfree calls has a good sound quality, very clear. Customer service is timely and professional. The HD screen is also its big feature. But the shipment is a little delay. Overall, good item!

  • by Kegan

Amazing product!!! Works well, it is what i expected! Give full stars!

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