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  • by Mario Sanders

I bought this unit to replace an after market CD player in my car. Simply put this is an amazing product everything works as advertised.

Screen size - The screen is big and resposive Makes it easier to navigate while driving.

Volume- (Output is real loud. works really well with amp and subwoofers) I havent even played at maximum yet in fear of blowing up my door stock speakers.

Price - This is a really good deal has all the features of a $465 system without the price tag.

Cons: Did not come with back up camera and some and Sometimes its hard to navigate the music library if you have lots of songs in SD Card

  • by Dan

It's a good product,but i'm stuck with an error.On the display it appears ''drive safe'' and it won't dissapear.I don't know why or what i did,can you help me?

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Dan, At this situation, for this item, you can turn off the braking control or connect your original car's braking cable with our car dvd player's braking cable. Our after-sales colleague will send the details operation to you by email. Please don't worry.

  • by Belloc

Good dvd player. It is useful for my travel. Besides, the quality is good. So far, it has been worked well for the past few months.

  • by Bray

This one looks very special. The features are incredible. Amazing unit!

  • by Bloor

Excellent as always!

  • by Peter

It is good to receive it so soon. In fact all the functions are good. However I am still not used to operating it without panel buttons though the screen touch is sensitive. So I think it is not a good choice to buy this one. I bought it only half a month. Can I return it and change another one with panel buttons?

  • Replied by ADG CSR:Dear Peter, thank you for shopping on our site. As for your idea to change another one, it is available here if you return the product in original condition. However, some restocking fee will be charged. I have sent you an email with RAM form. For more questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • by Orest

The product is good. However, the installation is an awful thing for me. For my very first DIY, I am amazed at the problems happened in the process. Thanks to the seller, they send me the instructional vedio and list out the tips. Finally, I make it and no big damage.

  • by Valeri Gluzd

Bought one for my Opel.Like the compact designing and screen is big .Thank u .


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