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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by Pablo

Love it! Very stylish and multifunctional. Best for the price. The display is awesome and sound quality is amazing!

  • by Edral Louis

Thanks to this website. I got a nice DVD player. It could not be better. Automatically read discs without any annoying noise. So the movie sound effect is terrific. My wife is a movie fan and she likes it so much. The built-in GPS is my favorite function. It shows detail directions. I do not need to think about the complicate rode names. It told me to make turning by the voice guide. Very useful!!! Also many other great functions, such as steering wheel control, Bluetooth. The price is so delightful. :)))

  • by Marius Lehto

An easy installtion. It only takes two hour to hook it up to my new car. And Only minutes I start it up and set it. What catch me first is the crystal screen. Sensitive to my fingers. The DVD image is wonderful. Even my wife can get a good angle even she leans on the seat. I like USB and SD card slot. Much more music files can be stored. And the GPS gives me a big hand on the go. I will come back to buy a rearview camera to connect to complete the auto rear viewing function. I'd like to recommend this site to all of my friends. VERY GREAT!

  • by Eric Appie

This DVD player is pretty good at what it does. I like the gps so much. And the Bluetooth is great. I can use my A2DP microphone with it. The sound effect is terrific. And the play itself does good job at the DVD playback. Unlike others, I'd like to listen to CD in the car. It is a joyment to taste the melody alone.

  • by Pasi Lathto

Had owned this DVD player for almost one year. It did not have any issues yet. And I could not be happier with it. It is a guide in our trips as the built-in GPS. And the rear viewing function help us park our car quickly. I often use the play iPhone music on this player. It never fail to comes with utmost sound effect trough the original car speaker. Maybe I need to buy a iPod. I did not used iPod control yet. After I tried it, I would leave more comments here.

  • by Palbow Beiber

I am a bargain hunter through and through so Qualir is always my favourite pit stop when I am browsing the net, you're guranteed to always make a massive saving on your purchase. I bought my DVD player and car decoes from it. ALL of them are very nice. The player is definitely my family's lifesaver as our kids are never be quiet on the road. This unit can video out a pair of headrest. Actually I also bought them on this site. It can offer cartoon DVDs or digital channel for my kids. They concentrate on it. Of course, I do not like them stare at screen for long time. So every one hour, I will change it to radio station to smooth them. :))))

  • by Ellen Dyer

This DVD works fine and I received it from autodvdgps.com in a short time. So quick so good. I am surprise at this full functionalities after trying it. GPS is the best one I am keen on. My dear iPod can directly connect to the unit. There is a iPod cable with the unit. Very convenient. And I also bought a rear view camera on this site. It is matched to the ready port. The picture is also good. I havd not find out any downside of this unit. I like it so much. Would like to come back again.

  • by Parwle Cortis

I didn't have any general problems with the player. It was silient when it loaded a disc. Very great. And the picture and sound both are exvellent. The main problem is that the map loading speed is a kind of slow. Hope it could be better. Another functions are as good as described.

Looks like it's a nice DVD player for the price if you're wanting to watch movies. If you want things like GPS, Blutooth, world clock and so on.

  • by Eendress Cubas

A grate item as a gift. It is cool with many basic and expandable functions. Inexpensive and easy-to-handle. My wife and I are both like it. Thanks!

  • by Jerry Valahol

A friend who is a electronic engineer referred me to this dvd player when I asked him about one I was thinking of buying for about $500. He said I was crazy and told me to get this. Though I do not know whether this unit is a great or not, I trust his judgement. As a matter of fact, It was very easy to hook up and it works great! Meet all of my needs, such as gps, bluetooth, CDC, iPod control. Exceed my requirment. What a good friend and item mean!

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