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More Third Party Comments about this item:

  • by ben williams

this was really easy to install. bluetooth works great. navigation also works well. Iphone works well thru bluetooth or plugged in. the only problem that i have is with the steering wheel controls and the radio reception appears to be worse than the factory. i've written customer service 2x without response. but overall i'd probably buy it again.

  • by Nghia Luc

Just installed on 2012 Toyota Rav4, all functions are working very good, including steering wheel control buttons (replaced 20pin connector with 28pin which removed from original radio.)

  • Replied by nelson:Great product, but I can't set up the logo in other settings menu..?? why? is there any password?? other thing I bought a Car TV receiver and didnt work..please advise

  • by Nghia Luc

I've just installed this HU on 2012 rav4 and with the assistance from tech support team, all functions are working very good. I took a 28pin connector from my original radio and replaced the 20pin connector on the new unit and soldered the wires as follow: from 28pin connector, pin 21 & 22 are control-1 & control-2, 23 is ground. now my steering control buttons work great. very nice headunit.

  • by Muzio

Ok, i was pretty worried before using it, but thankfully it wasn't nearly that bad. Pretty user friendly menus, iPod control is an amazing feature, Bluetooth stereo music can be a good plus. But installation introduction is too simple, making me spend much time in the installation.

  • by Carlo

The third time bought DVD player here. Just placed the order, i was lucky as they told me i would get an GPS map and another new gift for free. I am always happy with the purchase here!

  • by Mella

this product has the features i needed. Now I can play music from my iPod while the car is moving. Very easy to use, just hooked up my backup camera with this unit and works well. but the GPS navigation sound is too low and i can't turn it high, a small complaint.

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Mella, Welcome to our website. The volume of navigation voice can be controlled under the setup menu Best regards!
  • Replied by dennis :Is there a volume control via setup to increase navigation voice volume

  • by Brigitta

Great equipment, does everything I need it to, couldn't be happier. Very easy to use and understand. Easy installation. I have two headrest DVD players in and they integrated perfectly with this system. I have no complaints about this unit until now. I've had it in my vehicle for about a month and it is as advertised. It meets my needs and expectations.

  • by Noah

It is an amazing product for a really good price. Also, they really have professional customer service to make sure that their customers are happy and get answers of what they want to know. i will come again!

  • by ODILE

All the functions of this item works well as promised except the Bluetooth. The bluetooth didn't work at first, i got it repaired with the help of customer service. The installation is a little complex as the the user manual didn't say clearly. Overall, it is a good stereo system.

  • by Kane

Installed it in my love vehicle by myself, looks very nice. It has one front usb port and 2 front SD slots, easy to use. The bluetooth and built-in microphone was excellent, the sound is clear when make calls. I like to use the bluetooth to stream my music from my phone. however, it starts up a bit slowly.

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