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  • by Christopher Brewer

Mike's review is very specified and I agree with most of his opinions. What I want to complaint about is the instruction. It is hard to understand. Thanks for the name labels on the cables, or I have to find help from specialist.

  • by Sam Dodd

After reading some of the reviews and seeing the sheer number of people who bought this stereo I decided to take a chance on it. My requirements are very basic, I just wanted a car stereo that can play from SD Card and USB. I decided on this one because I figured a high-res screen would make it easier to browse through all the folders of MP3s on the SD card. A lot of similarly inexpensive units have the basic 8-character display which I know from past experience is just not cutting it when you want to see the name of the song playing or the folder it's in, let alone being able to browse through folders effectively.

  • by Mike

Good device. Replaces older CD6000 on Ford Fusion (Europe, 2006) without gaps. The wire connectors is compatible with the car and requires no electrical modifications. Style of the front panel is the same as original CD. Installing keys are suitable to take off old CD.

Rearview camera works well with this unit. Please remember to connect camera power (reverse lights) to brown wire of DVD while installing the device to get automatically switching to rearview mode. The rearview picture switches on even when reverse gear activated, but the device is turned off (sometimes in this mode device shows on-screen parking lines, in addition to the provided by camera itself, sometimes not. While device is on, it doesn't shows any additional rulers). You can select, while you'll need to mirror picture from the camera or show it "as is".

First time you need to set the correct time zone. If not, the time will be updated to default according to the factory time settings and actual date-time from GPS satellites each time you power on the unit.

GPS antenna cable is enough to install in the upper part of windshild window (near the inside mirror). Preinstalled maps has a problems with the language packings, some ZIPs are damaged, so program can't extract images with national flags and drops down while scrolling language settings list. I changed the language settings to Russian (on-screen: maps legends and menu) by manually editing configuration file on a "big" computer, but the voice can't be changed even in this manner. Due the ZIP damages, some voice messages cannot be extracted and device freezes wile trying to pronounce them. So I left English for voice assistance. This should be cured by downloading and installing new version of iGo, but I'm too lazy to do this ;)

Don't forget to connect pink wire to parking breaks switch (or to the device casing :) ) to get picture on screen.

While listen to the Radio or CDMP3, long press BAND key to get the Navigation picture in a dual-zone mode (music still continue to play).

Bluetooth function works perfect - in any mode music/radio is faded, and you can do your conversation using car speakers and built-in microphone in the device. There's a number dialing panel in BT mode, but you can't use phonebook in any way. Not select numbers to call from DVD, no names from phonebook showed while incoming call rings - only incoming number. I can't find, wile is it possible or not to change ringtone on DVD for incoming calls, but this is not the problem at all. BT PIN is 0000 for this unit.

For CDDVDUSB playing mode device remembers pause position and can continue to play next time the device is powered on or disk of Flash stick connected.

TV function is not tested - I have no compatible TV antenna.

  • by redentor sofia

eu comprei um autoradio e paguei o valor do autoradio e mais o tramporte com o destino da minha residencia agora estao a isejir outros pagamentos que nao estavam no comtrato de vemda este atoradio foi pedido pelo meu filho eaora tenho que me deslocar 50 kilometro para ir buscar eu paguei o traporte para nao ter que o pagar outraves isso nao e unesto

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Redentor, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have already declared less on the invoice for you to help you decrease the customs taxes. We don't expect to this issue. And our colleague will send an email to you about the details. Best regards!

  • by redentor sofia

gostava de saber se este apareilho tem s traduçao para portugues.qual o preço final respomder so em portugues nao sei falar outra lingua.redentor sofia

  • by Jeremiah

QL-FCS805 comes fully loaded with almost everything. GPS, ipod capable, rearview camera capable, radio, Bluetooth. Navigation is quick. I like this dvd.

  • Replied by spyros:hello did you know if this dvd is silver color because i saw in the photo black.
  • Replied by Qualir CSR:Dear Spyros, thank you for visiting our website. The color of this head unit is silver grey, which is the color of the original radio. So the color is matched to your original car. Any more question, please feel free to contact us. Best regards!


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