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  • by Mohamend

Have bought it about two months. I have some problems only at the beginning of the installation. I mixed up the cables and can not start the player. Thankgodness, I contact the sales man and that guy send me a installtion details. So far the whole unit is in a good woring state, no any fault, thanks!

  • by Arce Groot

I decided to replace a multimedia player to make my auto lifer funny and save my Money. I hate my original car radio system as at the end you pay much more.
I searched on the net for about one week. Compare the price and the description, at the end I decided to get this one as it was the best option.
My review:
1. The installation takes me about half day, it is not easy to plug as it looks like, it is hard to connect the wires to the right place if you do not know the exat.
2. I get over TV channels and the quality is as good as directly to the home television.
3. The built-in GPS is a big surprise to me. Even the free software is not update to till now, it is enough for me as I do not go out for a long trip. Of course, if I want to have some, I think I can buy a better latest map.
4. It is good to control my iPod and iPhone on the big screen, and I ever do not know that my car stereo system is so good. Thanks to this new player.
5. It claims 480*840 resolution. Really I do not know wheather it is. For me, the image is clear.
6. The experience is much better than old sigle function player.

Overall great A/V experience, great HD quality from collections and I also like the other options.
The best player ever.

  • by Ebrandy

While I enjoy the new dash size and look.
The new HD interface is quick and complete. More Luckily there is the option to run GPS ,iPod and iPhone.

If you don't already own a backup system then this is a great choice, just hook up a camera to this unit, then can receive rear image. If you already own a steering wheeling control, it meshed with the original control well. there is nothing here to justify a 450 dollars upgrade your orignial to all functions.
I quite frankly can't believe with all the good aspects, terrific!New box design and look, More formats playback, Built-in GPS, USB slot...

  • by Loyd

I was nervous about shipping damage, given recent news about rough handling during shipping. The package arrived in good condition. No scratch, great picture. I tested all ports I am going to use; all worked.

To my surprise, when I first use GPS navigation, the screen was blue and has no response. I Finally discovered that I had to set a map software path. After that, everything is going on well.

I also set audio EQ to personal, boosting low and high frequency. It sounds a lot better to me.

Overall, it has excellent picture and good sound, but needs some default setting change.

  • by Lucas

Fast delivery with price guarantee and free 60-day returns is hard to beat. But reviews and ratings should be about the product, not the fulfillment service.
Since I don't run or work in an Electronics Store like Best Buy, it is hard for me to give an objective review of this set's picture quality. It's like the people that give good reviews on their new tires for their car. If your old tires or player were on their last legs, pretty much anything new is going to seem pretty good.
It is a fairly unknown brand and with many consumers obsessed with what brands they own, you won't find this brand in your local Best Buy or Costco, yet. But the fact it has a 1-year warranty.
This player looks good, and I have a 7" JVC player in my wife's car to compare to. This is in Natural mode on the color. However it comes with GPS and bluetooh. What is more, iPod input is also ready. So for the functions, this units does a better job.

  • by Dawid

Easy to attach to the original car cable box, so the installation is not difficult. Intuitive operation. Lots of useful functions including GPS, Bluetooth, USB and iPod Control. I especially like the V-6 CDC function, which allows me to downloaded CDs in the unit. Runs fine and a great bargain. Good brand. Would be back again!

  • by Gonzalez

We needed a player for our Mondeo and sort of settled on this because of the price more than anything. We have been so pleased, I wanted to leave a review to help promote it. This delivers excellent picture quality and the remote and the button controls on the console are superbly easy and quick to navigate and manipulate. And the touch screen is also additional way to control it easily. The GPS is a primary one, and meet my need enough because I do not drive far away. The iPod control and bluetooth is very useful. Quality sound for discs, radio or TV programms. I would like to recommend it to all of my friend and you.

  • by Frankie

The DVD player is just what I needed. Works great, and very reasonably priced. I will probably buy another one for my wife's car.

  • by Tomas Westin

Bought this so my kids can watch dvds on our trip. Was suprised at how much clearer and more vivid than the old player it replaced. Works great, does what I expected. To me, the GPS is my favorite function. My wife likes to enjoy music in her iPod on it. We all satisfied with this item.

  • by Javior

I wanted a good DVD player for the least amount of money. This is exactly what I got! The touch screen is very big and responsive. Works great. My favorite feature is the progressive scan. I can put in a DVD that I took out yesterday and it'll go right back to where I left off. And the gps is also wonderful. I even could listen to radio while in navigation. Also my iPhone could be connect to it by the built-in Bluetooth. Would recommend this product to anyone!

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