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  • by Jamie Lewis

I honestly did my research when it came to selecting an in-dash GPS for my 2012 Hyundai Tucson limited. When I came across the Custron T1070HYD it was for a great price and had amazing features. Shipping was exceptionally fast and the product came in great condition. The installation process was relativity easy and only took about 40-45 minutes. I was incorrectly informed about the Canbus, which I didn’t need and will mess up your sounds if you try to install it and end up not needing it. The sound is incredible on the radio and iPod feature which I use frequently. All my steering wheel functions work great with the new unit. I hate that my XM radio function no longer works as the unit does not come with XM icons/software. The gps is awesome as well, with voice navigation and POI’s, the only downside is you can’t really update the gps software. Overall a great buy!

  • Replied by Buzz:Is it correct that GPS cant be updated!?I don't see purpose of GPS if cannot be updated!
  • Replied by New man:I'm planning to buy this unit but I don't understand the purpose of GPS if its not possible to update maps! Are you really sure that unit cant be updated with new maps?? Thanks

  • by Nell

The buttons, knobs, and touch screen of this item respond as expected, the processor seems to be fast enough to handle the features of the unit. It has enough inputs on this device available for various sources of music and video. Very good!

  • by Flora

The unit has some good features, bluetooth is great, callers can hear me with no echo and the phone (iphone) hooked up; the backup camera i installed works well; iPod control is great for listening to music. Also, the whole system starts up well but with a slight delay.

  • by Mia

it is a trusted brand. it is my second DVD player bought here, and is for my wife's birthday gift. it supports 3d map, which is a great plus. if there is AUX input on the front panel, it will be much better.

  • by Ann

This unit is awesome! The screen is clear, the look is pretty cool, the GPS works good, the sound is great, the USB and SD ports work well. Very satisfied with this item!

  • by Bradley

First i must to say that You won't be disappointed with this double din DVD player.
If you are shopping online for a new double din DVD, don't hesitate and buy this. The kit comes with everything you need to install it. The stereo offers all the functions you need, such as bluetooth, GPS, Radio, DVDs, CDs, iPod support, SD and USB, etc. it responds fast. Installation can be easy if you have a little auto electronic experience like me. Highly recommend to you!

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Mike, Welcome to our website. I 'd like to tell you that this item can not support satellite radio function. Best regards!
  • Replied by mike:HI just wanted to ask you is this system satellite radio ready thank you mike.

  • by Finley

Very pleased with this purchase, and i want to share my experience with you: The touch screen works wonderfully and operate sensitively, it is also easy to navigate to all the options. My phone was immediately found with Bluetooth and can dial numbers on screen. Fully enjoying the iPod music in the vehicle is really great. I have always enjoyed Qualir's products and service and this is no exception.

  • by Peter Smith

This is a review of the latest gps for the Hyundai IX35 from autodvdgps Custron T1070HYD. I'm very pleased with this product.
The touch screen works very well, I have only needed to use the supplied stylus once - during the setting of some customisation features. I purchased the additional MPEG DVB digital TV option and it works very well - picking up all the digital TV channels in Sydney. You can use this while you are driving. If I have one dislike it is the differing volume settings, between the Bluetooth phone, TV, radio, IPOD and navigation software. I would like them all to be independent so they can be balanced, however if you turn up the volume on the radio and make a phone call the dial tone can be deafening. But generally I don't have the volume turned up so much. There is a loudness button which I never use, when I did try it the volume increases too much so 1 tiny little turn on the volume control makes the volume loud, but it doesnt alter the GPS volume so the navigation volume is still at minimum volume but the radio is at full volume. Don't use the button and you are fine. Which leads me to another point, I am going to fit some differing speakers in the car - my Hyundai sounds slightly tinny with the existing speakers and this GPS. More so than the factory fitted radio. But the new speakers should resolve this point. I had some problems saving place names, when I typed the place name into the on screen keyboard strange characters appeared on screen. I was told by autodvdgps that this is a known problem and a firmware fix is coming but recently a friend upgraded my gps software to the latest IGO8 version and the latest maps for Australia. Now the onscreen keyboard works perfectly so I would attribute this to the IGO software/gps settings. The IGO8 software works very well. It can be running while listening to the radio/ipod. It lowers the radio volume when it needs to give instruction and raises it after the instruction is complete. The touch screen moves around with finger presses and allows you to scroll the map easily. There are still some navigation issues in the IGO software - it tries to make me do a right turn off the freeway into North Sydney where no turn exists and then it asks me to do sharp right turns on Sydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac bridge which arent advisable. The autodvdgps supplied version of igo8 for Australia also did not have a complete street database when searching, but my newer version supplied by my friend now has my small street listed. Driving and nightime and in tunnels, the software automatically changes to a nightime mode. One annoyance is the old Hyundai radio had a built in clock but this is no longer present on the GPS screen - you can press the navigation screen and it will then show a speedo and the time (and also expected arrival time etc) but I cant find a way to make a clock always visible in the navigation software. The radio/ipod software shows a dropdown clock without any problem, just no

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Juan, thank you for purchasing on our website. As for your question, we had sent an email to your box. Please check it. Hope we can help you solve the problem. Any more question, please feel free to contact us. Best regards!
  • Replied by tony :hi peter i also bought the ql-hyd520 but having problems with the dvd no pic can you help im also in sydney regards tony
  • Replied by Sanny:tony, i had a unit of the same series. and i found if you didn't check the PK choice in the gps path of system setting, video will be OK in driving.
  • Replied by Juan:Hi, I was wondering if any of you had problems to put the dash plastics back after installing the gps?, also, did you receive the mounting brackets or use the ones in the car, because the screw holes do not match for me

  • by Hans

This one is a great product. I love the new cool interface, the system is much more integrated now. The display is great and fast response when touched. Needs to be brighter tough, specially when at direct sunlight. Great Product!

  • Replied by Autodvdgps.com service:Dear Esco, Welcome to our website. I'd like to tell you whether your original car has can-bus or not, the steering wheel control function can be used. And you can use it to answer and hand up phone callings. If your original car has can-bus box, you can buy the can-bus box, if your original car doesn't have it, there is no need to buy it. Best regards!
  • Replied by Esco:Are you still able to receive and make calls with the steering wheel? Or it only allows audio controls?


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