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  • by Julia Green

Really seemed like the perfect multi function GPS. Fantastic value and accurate mapping quickly responding to locations inserted.
Doubles as a parking aid and includes video feed output. Versatile external camera link. Anti-shock stability that does away with jumbled screenshots and repeated program selections.
Full featured stereo receiver with 4 channel preamp and subwoofer, no lack of power, 320 watts sustainable. Programmable to 30 preset stations, customized sound settings/picture settings.
This compact system does it all. Flawless Bluetooth operation with incredible voice response. Slight learning curve upon first few times of operation as expected with a loaded system. Replaced several devices with this simply and efficiently.

  • by Pascale Gautier

I read all the reviews before purchasing and doubt whether the product is as good as description. But I finally decided to purchase it as the price. I feel lucky that it works nice in the past month. During the time, I had two short trips, navigation and radio are great. Be frankly, sound effect is better than the video effect. Other small functions like bluetooth are working well but I used only 2 - 3 times. No very practical but would be useful if you need.

  • by Roque

I really like the units from Qualir. It looks great and so far I'm really liking it. the navigation system is very easy to use, and accurate. The voice guidance is great, and very helpful when you're driving. It's getting 5 stars from me.

  • by Henry

Awesome headunit! only thing that sucks is no aux input on the front panel, but have one on the back. Has SD slot and USB port, which are what i highly required. picture quality for DVD's is pretty good.

  • by Cara

Looks very nice, no problems with performance so far. Installation cost a little bit more because i knew nothing about this item. Other than that I like iPod control very much. Overall I am satisfied.

  • by Marie

User friendly, the interface is very simple. Big bright icons that is easy to identify. This unit has every thing, Bluetooth, SD card slot, ipod hook up, usb port, back up camera, navigation, and so on. The screen is also very clear. Worth the price of US$ 459.99!

  • by Solènne

It is a great addition to my love car. But it does have some flaws, one of the biggest flaws is the navigation system. It is not to user friendly and hard to set the route. But all in all. I love it.

  • by Barry

This Custron unit comes with everything you need. I got it primarily for iPod control but the other features are pretty welcomed. I recommend this to anybody looking for a solid head unit!

  • by Barber

I've had this player for almost a month now and it is VERY nice. Very easy to use touch screen and the picture watching a movie is great. The bluetooth works perfect. Radio sounds really nice, as good as CD quality. Connect the iPod player to this item via the iPod cable, then iPod music is available. It works great on both audio and video. Five stars from me!

  • by LongCourse

Exceeds my expectations. Very pleased with purchase.

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